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Sugarbook Review—Is It The New Top Site For Sugar Babies & Daddies?

Sugarbook Review—Is It The New Top Site For Sugar Babies & Daddies?

Wondering if Sugarbook is worth your money and time? Wondering if the sugar dating site is the right choice for a safe online dating experience? You don’t have to join Sugarbook and pay to check how it works—our team of online dating enthusiasts has bought a 1-month premium subscription to put the platform to the test.

Read on and learn if we regret our purchase and explore all the pros and cons, real prices, and all the details about Sugarbook dating in 2022.

sugarbook site

Sugarbook Overview

Sugarbook is a niche site that is a perfect place for mutually beneficial relationships. The dating website is relatively young but already has around 60K monthly visits. Sugarbook connects sugar babies and daddies through search, various communication services, and special features.

But there are few dating site reviews, which fueled our interest in the platform and inspired our Sugarbook review. We have already tested 10+ sugar daddy dating sites before, so we know what to check to be sure that the dating website is legit and not a scam.

📈 Visits per month:300K
✅ Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:88%
🌍 Most used in:US, UK, and Canada

What did we like about the dating site?

  • A simple, intuitive design that doesn’t distract from online dating
  • 80% of members have verified profiles
  • Convenient search with filters
  • Active sugar babies with 3-5 photos added to their profile
  • Live Stream feature that allows seeing users IRL

Sugarbook needs to improve on

  • The Sugarbook app is only available for Android
  • Lack of communication ways
  • Any male member has a limited free account

Who is Sugarbook good for?

  • Any type of sugar relationship
  • Luxury dating with elite sugar babies and daddies
  • Online dating to get a partner with mutual benefits

Sugarbook prices

1 month premium$71.95
3 months premium$55.95
6 months premium$39.95

How to create a sugar baby or sugar daddy account on Sugarbook?

  • Sugarbook has a free sign-up
  • The dating website is available globally
  • Facebook registration is available

To test Sugarbook, we decided to create a male profile and see what a regular sugar daddy can do without payment and with a premium subscription. The registration process took only around 5 min, and it’s quite standard. Members are required to fill in gender, name, age, dating goals, add active mail, and set a password.

sugarbook registration form

Filling out the registration form on the main page of Sugarbook.com is not the only registration method, as the platform also offers to sign up via Facebook, which is quite convenient.

After the initial basic registration fields that are obligatory to fill, users can:

  • Add public and private photos
  • Add more information about the appearance
  • Add headline
  • Share more info about lifestyle, net worth, and annual income

However, all the extra parts of the profile on Sugarbook are not obligatory, and we were able to skip them. But at the same time, we’re able to add the info we need afterward to attract the right sugar babies for our review.

Tips on becoming popular on the sugar dating site

Here is a little advice that we collected during our Sugarbook review process that will allow you to create a sugar daddy or sugar baby profile that will attract only like-minded people and reach a wider audience.

  1. Don’t skip fields on your sugar dating profile, and put effort into your sugar daddy or sugar baby account.
  2. Add at least 5 good quality photos that show your appearance from different angles.
  3. Benefit from the new Terms of real relationships section of the profile to give a clear understanding to other users what type of sugar relationship you are looking for on Sugarbook.
sugarbook setting up profile

Creating an eye-catching account speed up connecting sugar babies and the right sugar daddies. That’s why we first skipped as many fields as possible during registration to know the minimum info members must share, but after we added photos and filled headline and bio sections.

Sugarbook costs

Like the majority of sugar dating sites, Sugarbook is partly paid, which means that standard membership is free, but advanced features require payment. However, we found a cool thing about Sugarbook—a dating site’s student program that allows female users to enjoy all the services and features for free.

So, as you can see, only women can use Sugarbook for free, and male members have limited free accounts. That’s why our team decided to go with the sugar daddy profile for our review, to see if the premium account is worth it and learn what value a premium membership provides.

Free features reviewed

The number of Sugarbook free services is pretty good, and the online dating site offers more in the free account than most sugar dating sites. Here is what free users can access on the platform:

  • Updating your profile
  • Browse other users’ profiles
  • Liking profiles
  • Using search tools and basic filters
  • Watching Live Streams
  • Group chat in Streams
  • Making a list of favorites
  • Seeing who viewed you
  • Requesting access to private photos
  • Seeing photo requests
sugarbook favorites

Free membership on Sugarbook is quite good. We found sugar babies we liked, and all basic filters worked fine, but it was a bummer that location is a paid feature. And we also had no trouble using other free services, which make sugar dating on the platform more comfortable and fun.

However, using only free features is not an option for male users, as they don’t have free premium accounts as sugar babies and need to go premium to have a full experience and actually arrange a date with a sugar baby.

Paid services cost

Any sugar daddy can purchase any of the 3 available premium membership deals:

  • 1 month premium +1,000 Coins per month—$71.95
  • 3 months premium +1,000 Coins per month—$55.95
  • 6 months premium +5,000 Coins per month—$39.95

We bought a $71.95 premium account deal that is the most expensive, but as we weren’t planning to use the platform for a long period, we decided to go for the shortest premium membership available. Pricewise, Sugarbook is mid-ranged and very similar to other dating sites our team reviewed in the same niche.

As you can see, all premium members get coins in addition to their premium account and can use those coins on some advanced features. It’s time to see where we spent them.

Test of paid services

The main thing of our Sugarbook review was to see if paid features provide value and are worth using. Here are the services we were able to put to the test:

  • Advanced filters in the search
  • Messages
  • Add photos or videos in-chat
  • Watch private photos
  • Donations in Streams
sugarbook chat

What we liked most about Sugarbook premium services are the messages feature and the number of extra services that come with it. A premium member can send stickers, photos, and videos, as well as see content from the other user.

We found that the Sugarbook interface is quite simple, and though there is a dedicated mobile app, the website is also mobile-friendly. It’s fast to pick girls through search and start chatting with those you like. Most sugar babies we approached replied within 24h, which makes us believe that members are quite active.

And our least favorite feature is actually free, but as we spent coins on donations, we want to put it in this section. As you already guessed, we are not fans of the Streams feature. We tried it for a couple of days, but every time we came, there were only a few sugar babies streaming, and some weren’t even showing themselves, which was kind of pointless. But some live streams were fairly decent, and we saw sugar daddies engaging in conversations in the group chat.

Is premium membership worth it?

Overall, we don’t regret purchasing a premium membership for a month. Sugarbook prices are pretty fair, and many potential sugar daddies can afford to go premium on the dating site. Yet, spending coins in Streams was pointless in our case, but we see how it might attract the attention of the sugar baby.

How to search for a sugar baby or daddy?

The first thing that users do on all dating websites is checked their member base and look for potential matches. Read on and see how we were picking sugar babies for our review and testing of Sugarbook.


To search for sugar babies or sugar daddies on Sugarbook a user needs to go to the top bar and click on the Search button in the left corner. It will redirect to the search service with different free and paid filters. Also, we could sort by recently active, newest, and nearest.

sugarbook search filters

Overall, the search is convenient, so you can look for sugar daddies and babies not just in the same country but also worldwide. During our Sugarbook review, we had no trouble using search and even found a few dates through it.

Member profiles

Sugar baby and sugar daddy profiles are quite similar and are designed to be detailed. Profiles of sugar babies consist of:

  • Age/gender/location info
  • Headline
  • Last Active/Member Since/Recent Location sections
  • Basic info (role, looking for, height, body type, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, education, occupation, relationship status, children, and habits)
  • Photos (public and private photo function)

Around 80% of the SB profiles are filled and have 3 to 5 photos, but not every sugar baby shares a lot of private information, which is understandable in terms of privacy. More than 50% of female users go through verification, which is a good sign that they are the same people in real life.

sugarbook female profile

But, it would be good if ladies were sharing at least a brief description on their Sugarbook account to score potential sugar daddies faster, as it’s not easy to choose just based on looks and little info.

Sugarbook communication ways reviewed

Unlike other dating sites in the same niche, Sugarbook offers a few communication ways that we put to the test during our sugar dating website review. 

  • Streams. The good news is that there is even a free group chat feature in Streams. We were able to enjoy unlimited messaging with a sugar baby and other users from different countries.
  • Chatting. Another form of communication is traditional chat. Unfortunately, sugar daddies can’t send messages to a sugar baby they found in the search if they haven’t completed their profile. Also, only members with a premium Sugarbook account can send a message without a photo.

What are our findings about communication with women in the Sugar book?

Ladies are active and open to communication, but not many approaches first, and you don’t get any spam messages; usually, ladies reply within 24 hours.

During our review, we approached around 60 sugar babies on Sugarbook and got 56 replies. But only 30 SB allowed us to gain access to private photos, and 24 send messages more than a day. And we can say that it’s pretty good, but it would be great to have some sort of free limited 1-on-1 chat service, as only paying members can send messages to a sugar baby in PM.

Special features of this sugar dating site

Reviewing the Sugarbook app and website, we found such special features:

  • Streams. You can find this feature in the top bar or in the dating app. The sugar baby streaming has an online status and shows what she is doing at the moment. So is Sugarbook legit? We saw real users, so we have no ground to think otherwise. Overall, Streams work well, members can send messages for free, and there is also a donation feature where sugar daddies can send presents.
  • Private photos. A fun feature on the Sugarbook, which is common in the sugar dating world. A sugar daddy or a sugar baby can add more sexy photos that are hidden from potential matches. Usually, a sugar baby adds such photos to be sure that her body type is what a sugar daddy likes.

Most of the services and features on the Sugarbook mobile app and desktop versions are quite standard, but Streams and Private albums make it stand out. Both services work fine, but sugar daddies must pay if they want to see hidden photos.

User experience

Read on and see a few examples of test conversations that we had from our sugar daddy profile and what they led to.

Hot Ukrainian beauty

The search tool on Sugarbook is efficient and helped us find the number of sugar babies we liked. For our first test case, we were looking for someone who participated in discreet relationships—and we found Sofia, a stunning girl from Ukraine. We’ve heard that Ukrainian women are beautiful, now we know that for sure.

We started communication via text messages and requested to see private photos on her hidden Sugar book album. Sofia replied in less than 5 min, and it was clear that she had experience with other sugar daddies. She was quite direct about her desires, and communication was fun, leaving us no doubt that her Sugarbook account was real.

By the way, in case we were scammed (which we weren’t), Sugarbook offers refunds, but it’s always smart to use other measures for safety that rely on refunding.

American socialite

We found our second date with a country filter. I wasn’t very specific about any physical traits, but we selected the PPM type of the SB to see if any ladies were open to this type of sugar arrangement. And there were many.

We were curious about more local searches, and it also worked fine. We approached a Tennessee girl, Melissa, but she wasn’t a very active texter. Well, she was very active sometimes, but that disappeared for hours. But hey, it was fun to chat with her, and she even sent us a wishlist of things she would like as a first date present.

No messages that we receive seem automated, and from our experience, we can say that people who join Sugarbook seek real dates, and some are interested in cyber sugar dating.

Expert POV: Sugarbook

Sugarbook is a legit platform for sugar relationships, and it has many active members from all over the world. The quality of the accounts, private messages, and free unlimited messaging in Streams are what we liked the most about the site. But we haven’t seen many women in Streams, so the feature is definitely not very popular. Overall, there is a good free-to-paid features ratio for sugar daddies, and prices are affordable.’


After testing what it means to be a premium member of Sugarbook, we can say that the site has interesting members and is overall good. It will work for women who seek wealthy benefactors and established guys who are seeking companionship. But Sugarbook dating site won’t be the best option for people who seek traditional relationships or are not ready to pay for online dating (for male members).

Sam Golden
Our writers and editors can’t work without relevant information and the latest data that show what trends in the sugar community are at the moment. An experienced theoretical psychologist, Sam Golden, is the one who finds information that is impossible to find and allows us to share only relevant content with you.
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