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How To Get A Sugar Daddy: Online Sugar Dating Tips For Inexperienced Sugar Babies

How To Get A Sugar Daddy: Online Sugar Dating Tips For Inexperienced Sugar Babies

Although there are millions of sugar daddies in the US, getting their attention is trickier than many sugar babies believe. If you’re new to the sugar bowl, this guide will help you make sense of the sugar daddy’s needs and expectations and improve your chances of securing a first date.

Where to get a sugar daddy?

In our detailed guide on how to find a sugar daddy, we discussed many options, including real-life meetings and social media. However, niche online sugar dating platforms remain the safest and most efficient option. So let us present our top 3 best sugar daddy sites:

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How to get a sugar daddy online?

Once you choose one of the best sugar daddy websites, sign up for a free membership. From there, follow our tips to find a sugar daddy and get his attention:

  • Create an irresistible sugar baby persona through photos and bio. Photos are the biggest draw for many sugar daddies, but your profile details and bio can seal the decision to reach out if you’re creative. We suggest you look through other sugar babies’ profiles to see what they’re doing and set yourself apart from the bland masses by making your profile funny and clever.
  • Be honest and direct about your goals without being vulgar or blunt. Sugar daddy relationships are better than traditional relationships for SDs and SBs because they eliminate uncertainty, especially at the early stages. So decide if you want a sugar daddy to pay for fancy dinners and travel or provide a monthly allowance, and transmit your needs clearly.
  • Browse sugar daddy profiles to find potential matches. Sugar relationships fall within a broad range, from sugar prostitution to compensated companionship. So you should decide what you’re ready for as a sugar baby and look for sugar daddies who want the same thing. Although sugar daddies rarely state their wishes explicitly, you can usually infer their meaning from their profile bio.
  • Be proactive and tailor your messages to each sugar daddy. Some of the best sugar dating sites offer easy conversation starters, but they are impersonal and dull. If you find a great potential sugar daddy, craft a message that will show you paid attention to his profile. It’s always good to find something you have in common and include an open-ended question that will prompt the sugar daddy to respond and continue the conversation.
  • Arrange the first date as soon as you’re comfortable with each other. Most sugar relationships shift to real-life meetings and intimacy sooner or later. So when you’re both sure you want the same things and are happy with the terms of your mutually beneficial arrangement, set up your first date. It’s the only way to learn if there’s enough chemistry between the sugar daddy and you to start a relationship.
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These are basic sugar baby guidelines for new SBs, though you’ll probably come up with a more detailed action plan after gaining some experience with sugar dating sites.

How to get an online sugar daddy without meeting him?

It’s a common misconception that sugar daddies only want to pay for sex on demand with no strings attached. Still, platonic sugar relationships are possible, if extremely rare. So if you’re after a sugar daddy who will send you money without ever meeting you or getting anything in return, even the best sugar daddy site won’t help you.

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Still, some sugar daddies are happy with online dating only as long as they get some sugar from you. They may request anything from casual conversations to intimate photos or live chat. Unfortunately, even if you agree to these terms, you’ll likely get a Splenda daddy at best who will provide a much smaller allowance than a regular sugar daddy.

If you’re still set on keeping your sugar relationship online, try the following tactics:

  • Research and register on the best sugar daddy sites that let you specify relationship goals within personal details. If there’s a dedicated field with a dropdown menu, it can likely be used as a search filter. So it will be easier for you to find a platonic or online sugar daddy and vice versa.
  • Set a wide radius when searching for SDs on a sugar daddy app or use international sugar dating sites. While most sugar daddies look for babies within the same city, you can try the opposite tactic to encourage long-distance relationships. If you’re thousands of miles apart, it will be easier to avoid face-to-face meetings and awkward situations of running into your sugar daddy in the neighborhood.
  • Try to launch a live stream on a sugar daddy site. While most sugar daddy sites provide limited communication options to encourage a swift shift to IRL dates, some platforms facilitate online dating. Live streaming on a sugar daddy site means you won’t have to face a single man but chat with many guys who will battle for your attention via gifts or coins, which you can later monetize. However, the best sugar daddy sites have stiff competition, so attracting daddies to your live stream may be a lot of work.
  • Be careful not to run into a salt daddy or a scammer. Salt daddies want to get the sugar without spending a single penny. They may agree to your online dating terms but request spicy photos or videos first. After you deliver the media, they can either disappear or blackmail you. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to tell a salt daddy from a sugar daddy, especially without meeting the man in real life.

Platonic, online, and long-distance sugar dating is possible, if extremely rare. However, if you have no luck finding a suitable SD on any of the best sugar daddy dating sites, you may need to rethink your relationship goals.

What makes you a good sugar baby?

Some historians believe that sugar relationships date back to the 19th century, though you can argue that women received gifts and were treated to luxury long before that. For instance, geishas and courtesans may not be the exact analogs of modern-day sugar babies, but their success demonstrates that men seek something besides sexual intimacy from a compensated relationship.

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Based on our research and analysis of many sugar daddy websites, men seek younger women for multiple reasons. And if you understand sugar daddy’s motivation and play into it, you’ll always be sought-after.

Let’s discuss a couple of common examples of sugar daddy motivation and how you can be the best sugar baby using this knowledge:

  • The need to save the weak. Powerful and wealthy men often need to help others to feel good about themselves. So if you struggle with massive student loans or with entering a professional field, a sugar daddy with a savior mindset will be happy to have a mutually beneficial relationship with you to make himself feel great. Just be careful not to overplay your struggles and remember to be grateful, or your sugar daddy may quickly lose interest.
  • The need to control the relationship. Overworked sugar daddies usually have limited time and energy to work around a girlfriend’s schedule, so they enjoy the power a sugar relationship gives them over SBs. You can play into the narrative by answering their messages promptly, always being available for a date, and restricting the urge to reach out first. Unfortunately, some sugar daddies may get too commanding and overbearing, so don’t feel pressured to continue a relationship that makes you uncomfortable.
  • The need to make up for the lost time. It’s common among sugar daddies who married young or dedicated their 30s to climbing the career ladder. They feel like they never got the chance to experience the best of casual relationships and are ready to get a sugar baby to catch up. For such sugar daddies, fun and excitement are more critical than an emotional connection. At the same time, their need to experiment may result in short-lived sugar dating arrangements. So you may need to look for another sugar daddy soon.

You don’t need a Psychology degree to be a successful sugar baby. However, knowing the subtle differences in SD motivation can dramatically improve your experience on a sugar dating site.

How young can you be to get a sugar daddy?

The typical minimum age for a sugar baby to enter a sugar relationship is 18. Although the age of consent in some countries may be lower, most sugar daddy sites do not accept users under 18.

After analyzing sugar dating sites’ statistics, we’ve discovered that many sugar babies embrace the lifestyle when in college. As a result, most are between 18 and 24 when first becoming sugar babies. However, sugar babies between 25 and 34 are even more common, as they are more popular with older sugar daddies.


Becoming a sugar baby is a bit more complex than merely uploading your most alluring photos to sugar daddy sites and hoping for the best. To catch a generous sugar daddy, you should learn his primary motivation and develop a sugar dating strategy, whether you wish to keep your relationship online or take it IRL.

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