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What Is A Sugar Baby? All You Should Know, From Costs To Obligations

What Is A Sugar Baby? All You Should Know, From Costs To Obligations

Are all those rumors about sugar babies myths or reality? Do they make tens of thousands of dollars a month just for going to parties and having sex with sugar daddies? Is what they do even legal? In this guide, we bust all the myths and explain who a typical sugar baby really is.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is a young attractive person (there are female sugar babies as well as male sugar babies also called ‘sugar cubs’) who’s dating a benefactor, a sugar daddy or a sugar momma, and is compensated for their time.

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Note that the word ‘dating’ is used for a reason. It refers to nearly all the things that traditional relationships are usually based on, including companionship, friendship, and deeper and regular communication, but excluding deep commitment, jealousy, and control.

Where to find a sugar baby?

Most sugar daddies, as well as sugar babies, prefer to look for new partners on niche sugar daddy sites. Here are the top platforms that work for the largest number of people seeking mutually beneficial relationships.

  1. Secret Benefits. Currently, this platform is considered the world’s largest sugar dating platform, and it’s also on the list of the safest sugar baby websites.
  2. SugarDaddy.com. On this dating website, only sugar daddies and sugar babies are accepted. Members are encouraged to upload verification videos that can be viewed by everyone, and that reduces the number of catfishes and fake accounts significantly.
  3. Ashley Madison. This is an affair website that transformed into one of the sugar baby sites—currently, Ashley Madison has as many sugar daddies and sugar babies as other sugar dating sites and is completely free for female users.
  4. WhatsYourPrice. This website has a unique concept—on WhatsYourPrice, sugar babies seeking sugar arrangements get paid for the first date right on the site, and sugar daddies pay for dates (if anything goes wrong, full refunds are guaranteed).
  5. Emily Dates. Unlike many other sugar dating sites, Emily Dates accepts sugar babies and sugar daddies from most countries of the world, which makes it one of the best platforms both for international and local sugar dating.
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Every sugar dating site on this list has its pros, cons, and special features, but there’s at least one thing they all have in common. Each of these platforms is likely to work well for every sugar baby and a sugar daddy looking for legit potential partners and new mutually beneficial relationships.

What does a sugar baby do?

What should a would-be sugar baby know about the duties and obligations? What should a would-be sugar daddies expect from them? In fact, the terms of all sugar arrangements are usually set by two partners a sugar daddy and a sugar baby, but there are some common things that a sugar baby does and some rules she should follow:

  • A sugar baby is the best girlfriend a man could possibly have. A sugar daddy wants to date an attractive partner that will give him those positive emotions without any negative ones. Being optimistic, fun, and supportive when it’s necessary is the key to being a good sugar baby.
  • Sugar babies don’t fall in love but still have an emotional connection with sugar daddies. The too deep commitment may also likely ruin their mutually beneficial relationship with a sugar daddy (or in the best-case scenario transform it into a traditional relationship). Getting jealous, asking a sugar daddy to pay more attention to you, and complaints—all this has nothing to do with a sugar relationship.

Generally speaking, sugar babies are girlfriends who do exactly the same things that girlfriends usually do: go on dates, listen to their men, have deep conversations with them, and yes, usually have intimacy, too. However, unlike girlfriends in traditional romantic relationships, they know that a relationship can end, it’s actually mutually beneficial, and that negative emotions can ruin it.

Is a sugar baby legal?

Should would-be sugar babies and sugar daddies worry about the legality of their relationship? The good news is, no, they don’t have to—sugar arrangements are legal because they aren’t based only on sex.

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As we’ve noted previously, sugar babies and sugar daddies are actually dating—they go on dates, call each other, spend time together online and offline, get close, and often develop authentic feelings, not necessarily love but friendship, respect, and mutual affection. Yes, many people believe that sugar babies just provide sexual favors and forget about all other aspects of sugar relationships. That’s just a misconception—sugar dating isn’t just blatantly paid sex.

Nevertheless, some may argue that sugar babies get paid for their “services”, including sex, so it still can be considered sex work, at least in some cases. Sugar dating is in the gray zone—the interpretation of your activity largely depends on your choices and even the type of payment. It’s hard to say that sugar babies who get monthly allowances provide sexual services, but it’s easier when a sugar baby gets paid for a date, but again, a sugar baby can feel safe if sex is not the only part of a date and is not the only thing a man pays for.

Also, there was no single case where sugar babies and sugar daddies were prosecuted for sugar dates.

What age is a sugar baby?

According to statistics provided by Seeking Arrangement at the time when it was one of the best sugar baby sites (now it’s a casual dating platform that works both for sugar babies/sugar daddies and people looking for other types of relationships), the average age of a sugar baby was 26, while the average age of a sugar daddy was 45.

As you can see, sugar babies aren’t necessarily 20-year-old college students—yes, most sugar babies are pretty young, but the number of employed women in their late 20s and 30s who choose such relationships is constantly growing year by year.

How much does a sugar baby cost?

The “cost” of a sugar baby depends on multiple things, namely:

  • Age and looks—the more sugar mommas and sugar daddies find a sugar baby attractive, the higher the demand, the higher a sugar baby’s salary.
  • Location—in smaller towns, SBs earn $500-$1,000 less than in huge and rich cities like New York or Miami.
  • Type of a relationship and frequency of dates—if a sugar baby has a long-term relationship with a sugar daddy and meets him more often, for example, twice a week, her “salary” will also be higher than the salary of a sugar baby who chooses PPM and meets her sugar daddy twice a month.
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Considering all these factors, the salary of a sugar baby in the United States may range from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. The average monthly allowance is $2,500, and the average PPM rate is $300 (ranges from $100 to $700).

What do sugar babies usually want?

Many sugar babies note that in sugar relationships, they are looking for:

  • Financial support. The main reason why sugar babies choose sugar arrangements is an opportunity to enjoy a relationship and earn money. Financial compensation is the essential element of any sugar relationship, and all sugar babies expect to get their full allowance/PPM on time.
  • New experiences. Sugar babies get things and experiences they couldn’t afford before, and they do value such opportunities, whether the opportunity to travel or go to fancy restaurants.
  • Fun & satisfying relationships with sugar daddies based on mutual respect. A healthy sugar relationship based on honesty and respect can be enjoyable for both partners, and most sugar babies want to find a partner to feel comfortable with and get both positive emotions and an allowance.
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Safety, positive experience, and money are the main things that sugar babies want, and if they choose partners carefully, usually get.

Do sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies?

Yes, most sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies. As we’ve noted previously, sugar dating is more similar to traditional romantic dating than most people think, and sex is just another part of it. However, it’s important to emphasize that a sugar baby doesn’t have to have sex with a sugar daddy. One of the main things that distinguish sugar relationships from prostitution is the ability of a sugar baby to end or delay sexual intimacy.

Moreover, there are exceptions, for example, platonic sugar daddies and online sugar daddies may be not interested in physical intimacy, at least in real life. Of course, there are not so many daddies looking for platonic or virtual sugar relationships, but finding them on one of the best sugar baby sites from our list is still possible.

Final thoughts

Young people are looking for new, better opportunities, and in the modern world, sugar dating is just one of them. However, it’s important to understand all the aspects of this culture. It’s not just about luxury gifts and sexual fantasies—sugar relationships are a new type of relationship, a complex one, but still satisfying if you know enough about it.

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