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What Is Sugar Daddy And Sugar Baby Dating In 2023?

What Is Sugar Daddy And Sugar Baby Dating In 2023?

What is sugar dating? Sugar daddies and sugar babies are a hot topic, but not many people discussing the topic know what sugar dating is exactly like. Today, we want to provide a sugar dating definition and help you get a deep understanding of the sugar lifestyle.

Here are the best sugar dating websites of 2022:

  1. Secret Benefits — Best for new sugar babies and daddies/mommas, who are just exploring the sugar lifestyle
  2. SugarDaddy.com — Great for finding a SB or SD/SM fast
  3. Ashley Madison — Best for married sugar daddies and mommas
  4. WhatsYourPrice — Best for arranging compensated dates
  5. Emily Dates — Best for getting quick matches
  6. Sugar Daddy Meet — Verified SBs and SDs/SMs
  7. SugarDaddyForMe — Works great for new and experienced SBs and SDs
  8. SugarDaddie.com — Great male to female ratio on-site
  9. Established Men — Best for wealthy SDs

What is sugar daddy dating?

Modern sugar daddy dating is a mutually beneficial relationship between a sugar daddy/momma and sugar baby, where a SD/SM is a benefactor and provides financial support as compensation for time. This definition is quite general, but most people agree on such sugar dating meaning.

But wondering, ‘What is sugar baby dating?’, you may think that it’s close to sex work. But it isn’t. The core sugar relationship is about companionship first and then intimacy. Also, certain types of sugar relationships don’t include intimacy (but they are rare, though). 

Sugar relationships are more close to traditional dating, and the only difference is financial support in a form of monthly allowance, pay per meet, or/and gifts.

Best ways for sugar dating

If you are curious about the best ways for sugar dating, here are 3 main options people who want to start a sugar lifestyle have.

Sugar daddy dating sites

Specialized sugar dating websites are a top choice of many new SBs and SD/SM as they are the most effective way to meet like-minded people. Sugar dating sites or apps are specifically created to fulfill all needs of making a sugar arrangement. 

Regular dating sites

Many believe that getting sugar on regular dating sites, especially if you use a premium service, is also effective. But in comparison to specialized sugar websites, they lose.

  • Most members of regular dating sites are looking for romantic love and not sugar arrangement
  • Even if you find someone eager, they might not be aware of how sugar dating works and therefore spoil the ease and fun of sugaring
  • It takes more time and effort, without any guarantees

Social media

Some sugar daddies/mommas and babies meet through social media. But it’s rarer, and the process has serious downsides:

  • Social media are not designed for getting sugar
  • Harder to find someone interested
  • You need to put in a lot of effort to meet SB or SD/SM

Rules sugar relationships

  • Sugar babies and sugar daddies or mommas negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement
  • Sugar dating is always on a no-strings-attached basis
  • Such relationships are easy and drama free
  • Transactional in its core
  • Have a due date, and rarely last long (which is why the important thing is not to fall in love)

Why do people become sugar babies and sugar daddies?

Now when you know the answer to the question ‘What does sugar dating mean?’ it’s only natural to wonder why so many people want to try it. We gathered some main reasons to help you understand SB and SD/SM mentality.

Women become SBs because:

  • Sugar dating solves SB’s financial problems
  • Some SBs look for mentorship or career boost
  • Sugar relationships are about fun time-spending and not drama or jealousy
  • Long-term sugar relationships can provide stability

Wealthy men or women become sugar daddies or mommas because:

  • They can have multiple SBs if they want to
  • Sugar relationships lower expectations, as both parties negotiate an arrangement that works for both without expecting more
  • They love the feeling of dominance and being a benefactor
  • They are older and are into younger partners

So, what is sugar daddy dating? These are SBs and SDs/SMs who engage in sugar relationships with certain expectations and negotiate a verbal agreement that meets both parties’ needs.

Pros & Cons of sugar dating

Both SBs and SDs/SMs are okay with terms of sugar arrangementSugar relationships are stigmatized
No false expectations or pressureSBs are more vulnerable in a sugar relationship
Both parties can have separate lives and even more partnersThere are many sugar daddy/mommy wannabes (salt daddies)
Relationships end positively with no heartbreakSome SBs and SDs/SMs fall in love, making relationships difficult


We hope that now you have a clear understanding of modern sugar dating, how it works, and who is engaging in it. Sugar daddy dating is widespread nowadays, and specialized dating sites are the best way to explore the sugar world.

Jessica Powell
Jessica Powell works with another author, Allison Robin to create top guides for you, but her main specialization is the analysis of dating sites. Jessica has a Master's degree in sociology, which means she knows how to analyze the behavior of large groups of people—just a perfect skill to describe the sugar dating community of any platform.
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