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How To Find A Sugar Baby: Guide To Finding Sugar Babies Online & Offline

How To Find A Sugar Baby: Guide To Finding Sugar Babies Online & Offline

The sugar dating industry is now on the rise—more and more people accept sugar relationships as another, a new type of relationship between two people who know exactly what they expect from each other, and well, get it. On top of that, more and more people want to become part of this world.

But both wealthy men and sugar babies often don’t know where to start and how to distinguish numerous myths about sugar dating from reality. This guide explains how things work in reality and how sugar daddies can find ideal sugar dates, both online and offline. 

Top sugar dating websites

1. Secret Benefits – Best Overall Website
2. SugarDaddy.com – Best For Newbies
3. Ashley Madison – Best For Married Daddies
4. Seeking Arrangement – Best Site For Luxury Dating
5. CougarLife.com – Best For Sugar Mommas
6. Sugar Daddy Meet – Best Security Features
7. Emily Dates – Best Search Features
8. SugarDaddyForMe – Best For NSA
9. Rich Meet Beautiful – Best For Long Term Sugar
10. SugarDaddie.com – Best For Casual Fun

sugar baby offline

Where to find a sugar baby? 

Generally speaking, there are two ways to meet a sugar baby: you can find her online or in real life. 

  • Finding a sugar baby online. If you look at some studies on sugar dating, you’ll find out that even researchers confirm that this type of relationship almost exclusively originated through online platforms. Though sugar daddy relationships are becoming more and more common, people seeking a sugar partner realize that the chance that you’ll meet them at a party or a local bar is pretty small. Business people realized that too—a few decades ago, they launched a lot of sugar dating sites, and well, they keep doing it. What’s the main benefit of such platforms? On the best sugar daddy websites, users get access to profiles created by people who have similar relationship goals, i.e., are interested in mutually beneficial relationships and nothing but them. 
  • Meeting a sugar baby offline. Of course, you can also meet a sugar baby in real life, too. Attractive women also go to restaurants, go shopping, stay at hotels, have fun at parties, etc. Moreover, some of them choose fancier places on purpose as they know they can find a sugar daddy there. Still, in this case, a lot depends on luck. 

That’s basic information, though. Next, we’ll take a look at how a sugar daddy looking for sugar baby can find an ideal match on the web or in real life in more detail. 

sugar baby online on sugar sites

How to find sugar babies online 

Sugar daddies looking for sugar babies on the web can find them in two places: on the best sugar daddy sites and social networking platforms like Instagram. Which platforms work better? Let’s analyze both in terms of sugar dating. 

Looking for a sugar baby on the best sugar dating sites

Sugar daddy sites are the platforms that were initially designed to connect sugar daddies and sugar babies and no one but them. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of such websites: 

  • A sugar daddy (or a sugar mama) gets instant access to the profiles of attractive sugar babies (local girls and foreign women). 
  • The male to female ratio is usually about 30% to 70%, which means it’s much easier for a sugar daddy to find a match. On top of that, wealthy men can choose among hundreds or thousands of potential sugar babies. 
  • Good sugar dating sites are carefully moderated, which means that a wealthy man can easily meet a real sugar baby and vice versa. 
  • A sugar daddy, as well as a sugar baby, can be 100% honest about their expectations and describe them in detail in their profile without fear of being judged by the dating community.
  • Sugar daddy sites care about members’ privacy and don’t provide unregistered users with access to members’ profiles. 
  • Such platforms have a lot of members to meet and date. For example, Seeking.com, the largest sugar daddy website, has over 20 million members worldwide. Other sites, like Secret Benefits, SugarDaddy.com, or Ashley Madison (initially was a casual dating site, but is pretty popular among SBs, as well) have tens of millions of members, too. 
  • A sugar daddy, as well as a sugar baby, can use various tools to attract a potential partner, send virtual gifts, add members to favorites, filter inbox messages, call girls, and even use video chat. 

Of course, they have their drawbacks, too. First, they are not free for sugar daddies, and the best sugar daddy sites are not free (free membership is often available to SBs, though). Second, it’s not always easy to distinguish a sugar daddy site from a platform that’s not worth even visiting. Third, even if moderation is good, the administration can’t guarantee that all sugar babies and sugar daddies are completely honest (fake accounts and low-effort profiles are deleted, though). 

seeking arrangement site on notebook

Looking for young women on Instagram 

This is another option for a wealthy man looking for a younger woman who’d be interested in sugar arrangements. The trickiest part is to spot a sugar baby and reach her (if she has a few thousand subscribers). Still, it’s possible if you: 

  1. Look for young ladies who like that fancy lifestyle and have no job
  2. Find ladies who don’t post photos with their boyfriends
  3. Be ready to hear “no” from ladies who aren’t interested in this type of relationship

Of course, there are a lot of hot and young women who want to impress potential benefactors, but the truth is finding them is not that easy. Even micro-influencers who might be interested in your offer are likely to ask for a lot of money, much more than a regular sugar baby, some will think that’s a prank, and some will just say no. Yes, it’s possible, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Ambitious career-oriented babies, young ladies seeking long-term relationships with a sugar daddy, women who want to find someone who’d pay them an allowance—all these sugar babies are likely to use the best sugar daddy site to find a benefactor fast and easy. 

How to find sugar babies not through websites      

If a sugar daddy wants to see a sugar baby first and then decide if he wants to date her (note that even if you’re using a sugar daddy website, no one can make you date a girl if you don’t like her—you can say no at any stage), he needs to meet her in real life. But how? Here are some tips: 

  • If your friends are dating younger women, ask them if their sugar babies or girlfriends have attractive friends who might be interested in dating a well-to-do man and have a double date. 
  • Go to parties and events more often. Take a look around: there might be attractive young women looking for a sugar daddy. 
  • Go to fancy restaurants. Why? Because sugar babies may look for a benefactor there, too. Buy a cocktail and then try to find out if a lady is trying to find a sugar daddy or not. 

Everything is simple—if you want to meet an attractive person who might be interested in such a relationship, look for her in places where she can look for you. Again, it’s a pretty good option if you are just having fun. If you want to find an ideal sugar partner soon, it will be much easier with a good sugar daddy site. 

sugar baby in socials

How to get a sugar baby?

As we have noted previously, there are pretty many ways to get female sugar babies, as well as male SBs. However, some of them work better. 

Now we’d like to share the most effective algorithm, the step-by-step instruction on how to find sugar baby that works in 99% of cases.

Find the best sugar daddy sites

You can consider choosing Seeking Arrangement, Secret Benefits, SugarDaddy.com, Ashley Madison, or one of the other top sites—you can find reviews on each of them on this website. Learn more about their features, prices of membership plans, privacy policies. Ideally, you should join and test (some offer free trials and discounts for new members) the platforms you like best and choose the sugar daddy site that meets all your criteria and expectations. 

Complete the profile

After you choose the dating site, complete your sugar daddy profile. The more detailed it is, the better. Don’t provide too much personal information—just basic info that may be useful and interesting for a potential match. Let her know that you’re successful and describe your relationship expectations in detail.

By the way, verified sugar daddies attract beautiful women easily, so verify your account if possible. 

Create a headline and upload photos

Upload a photo and create a catchy profile headline. You can upload or not upload a profile picture, but you’ll receive a lot more responses if you have one. Most sugar daddies upload at least 2 pictures because they know that this makes ladies feel much safer.

Headlines are important, too. It shouldn’t be too long. Write something catchy and useful, for example, “Sugar baby wanted”, and you’ll receive a lot of messages from ladies. 

Contact women, enjoy conversations

Online sugar dating is pretty much like traditional online dating. The difference is you don’t have to hide anything from each other. Still, you should mind your manners (we’ll talk about how a sugar daddy should treat a partner in a bit more detail below) and demonstrate interest not only in the way a lady looks but in her personality, too. Some sugar babies say that they’ve met sugar daddies who made them feel super uncomfortable even online. No need to say ladies won’t meet such guys, even if they are really successful men.  

Generally speaking, that’s how wealthy men usually find ideal matches and start a sugar relationship or relationships with a few women. They choose the best sugar website, make their profile good, and contact women or respond to their messages (considering the competition between women, you’ll receive a lot of them).

Speaking of the number of women, the best sugar daddy websites are likely to have a lot of female members. Which SB should you choose and how do her education and appearance affect the price? 

sugar baby and sugar daddy first date

What are sugar daddies looking for—In search of an ideal sugar date

What women can you meet on the best sugar dating site? More importantly, what can you expect and even demand? Here are the things that most sugar daddies expect from their partners: 

Desire to start a carefree relationship

This is one of the most important things about sugar dating. There’s no room for quarrels, conflicts, unmet expectations, lies, and manipulation. A SB shouldn’t ask for more attention, romance, etc. You can give it to her if you want to. But this is never a must. 


We should emphasize that you shouldn’t expect all women on sugar daddy sites to look like top models. Why? Because men like different women. Nevertheless, you can expect your date to look great, and the hotter she is, the higher the price. How much money should you pay, by the way? It depends not only on beauty, but still, the average monthly allowance is about $2,000, and the cost of 1 date (if you both choose PPM (pay per meet)) varies from $150 to $600 (the average amount is $200-$300, respectively). 


Education matters, too. In fact, there are a lot of college students looking for benefactors or young ladies who are now building their careers (by the way, many of them are looking not only for sugar daddies but also for mentors on sugar daddy dating websites). Intelligence and good education are also appreciated by most men looking not only for a hot girl but also for a decent companion. 

Moral qualities and personality traits

There is another important thing about sugar baby/sugar daddy dating. It’s still about finding a match, having fun, going on dates, spending time together. That’s why you should look for “your person”. Yes, you are two adults looking for honest, compensated dating. But does it mean it shouldn’t be pleasant for both of you? 

How to talk to a potential sugar baby?

Now you know how to find a sugar baby. Let’s say you’ve already found your ideal sugar daddy website and even completed your profile. What’s next? How to find sugar babies for long-term relationships or just for dates? Though a sugar daddy is the one who “sets the rhythm”, there is sugar etiquette, too. 

After all, sugar dating is defined as a mutually beneficial arrangement, in which both parties involved meet each other’s expectations, which, in most cases, are companionship, friendship, intimacy, and, of course, financial compensation. Sugar babies are usually looking for a sugar daddy they’ll really like, especially when it comes to long-term relationships. 

So, here are some tips that will help you become one of the most popular sugar daddies on your sugar site: 

  • Never be rude. Never act like you are going to buy a woman. Instead, remind yourself that sugar dating is still dating, and just have a good conversation. 
  • Ask regular questions you’d ask a woman you’ve met on a traditional dating site. Get a bit closer, learn more about her personality (it’s crucially important to demonstrate interest not only in her appearance, the amount she’d like to get, her dating terms, etc. but also in her personality).
  • After you realize you like a girl, don’t be afraid to start talking about money. Ask what kind of compensation she is looking for (allowance/PPM). In fact, it’s pretty hard for sugar babies, especially beginners, to initiate conversations about money, and they appreciate it when a benefactor starts talking about it. 
  • Don’t wait for too long to set up a date. 
  • Don’t give promises that sound too good to be true. 

Finding the best sugar daddy site is only half of the battle (the hardest and the most important one, but still). Though some people call a sugar relationship “business dating”, it’s still about getting closer, companionship, and affection. 

perfect sugar dating

How to treat a sugar baby

Let’s say you’ve already found a sugar baby on one of the sugar daddy sites. What may she expect from you? 

  • Good manners. First and foremost, the fact that she is a SB doesn’t mean she’s your property, and you can treat her badly. Yes, it’s compensated dating, but it’s still dating. 
  • Regular payments. You can and you should discuss how much you’ll pay, how often you’ll pay, and, of course, choose the type of payment. And you should follow the terms. 
  • What about first date gifts? They’re always appreciated. You can also give a cute first date gift to show her that you’re not a Splenda daddy (a man who joins a dating site to find a sugar baby, but earns an average wage and can’t afford to pay a SB as much as sugar daddies usually pay) or a Salt daddy (a man who uses sugar sites just to find “free” women looking for a benefactor, but won’t pay or give anything but empty promises). Still, it’s not a must, especially if you pay per date and will give a SB money anyway. 
  • Shopping trips—should you pay for them? It’s what you should discuss with a sugar baby. She can ask you to pay for them, and if you agree, you should follow the terms. Otherwise, it’s just a gift, and you can decide if you want to give it or not. 
  • Be honest. That’s the most important point. Discuss the conditions honestly, tell if you are married or not, if you want to date discreetly, and if you are looking for a long-term relationship, or just a few dates a month.

Generally speaking, you should be honest, treat her well, just like you’d treated a girl you like. The only difference is that your relationship will be totally carefree without conflicts, jealousy, and other things that usually spoil a romantic relationship. Be honest, discuss all the conditions, and you’ll enjoy your relationship. 

Final thoughts

Even the BBC released a movie about sugar dating—people just can’t ignore the fact that such relationships are becoming a part of our culture. The number of sugar sites is growing, and more and more people realize that this is not just another form of sex work—it’s compensated dating that involves not only intimacy (by the way, there are platonic sugar relationships, too) but also companionship, affection, and support. So, how to start your sugar baby search? The easiest way is to choose one of the top sites (Secret Benefits, SugarDaddy.com, Seeking.com, Ashley Madison, Sugar Daddy Meet, etc.), sign up, complete a profile and start looking for a woman who’d make your life better.

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