Allison Robin

Allison Robin


Allison knows enough about sugar dating sites, writing about them isn’t her main niche. We just couldn’t fail to use her experience in communication, solving problems, and finding common ground with different people in our reviews aimed at helping singles not only find a good sugar partner but also ensure that’s the right path for them.

Allison has a Master of Social work from Columbia University, and her deep knowledge allows her to see more than most people see when it comes to relationships and, most importantly, develop effective strategies for people with different goals, no matter if it’s money talks with sugar daddies or sugar babies or writing a good bio that’ll get you a benefactor, and therefore, a generous monthly allowance.

How did she become a part of our team? Well, she says, it’s all about expanding the borders and realizing that people who choose less common types of romantic relationships don’t get professional advice and assistance. Allison believes that any kind of social stigma slows down progress and that sugar dating is one of the phenomena that should be studied and analyzed.

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Last updated March, 2024

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