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How To Become A Sugar Daddy: Benefits, Qualifications, And Sugar Daddy Sites

How To Become A Sugar Daddy: Benefits, Qualifications, And Sugar Daddy Sites

If a sugar relationship intrigues you, but you don’t know where to join the sugar scene, let us explain how to become a sugar daddy. We cover the core benefits and basic requirements of becoming a sugar daddy.

We made the list of the best websites to find sugar:

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How to become a sugar daddy?

Men can become sugar daddies offline or online via social media sites or dating apps. However, the easiest answer to how to become a sugar daddy is using a niche sugar daddy dating site tailored for mutually beneficial relationships.

1. Secret Benefits—best for active sugar daddies seeking beautiful young women

  • Good for: Sugar daddies and mommies seeking sugar babies
  • Registration: Free
  • Free options: Profile editing, search filters, public albums, favorites
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Secret Benefits boasts a lively sugar dating community with millions of monthly visits. Many sugar daddies are in their 40s, while babies are usually under 30. The platform helps them connect via advanced search filters, exchanging secret albums, and chatting. Communication features are only available to premium members—rates range from $0.29 to $0.59 per credit.

2. SugarDaddy.com—best for getting sugar dates with attractive women fast

  • Good for: Sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships
  • Registration: Free
  • Free options: Search, public profile data, likes
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SugarDaddy.com is among the best sugar daddy sites for many reasons, including a comfortable experience and premium features, like private albums and chat. Although the credits are relatively affordable ($0.29 to $0.59 per credit), the free membership is enough to trial the site, as many sugar babies share personal details and photos enticing men into sugar daddy relationships.

3. Ashley Madison—best for sugar relationships and extramarital affairs

  • Good for: Straight and LGBTQ+ sugar babies, daddies, and mommas
  • Registration: Free
  • Free options: Profile editing, likes and winks, public albums
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Ashley Madison is among the best sugar dating sites, with a comfortable layout and just enough functionality to bring sugar babies and daddies together. Premium users can send regular and priority messages and view private photos, and prices range from $0.29 to $0.59 per credit. Most sugar daddies use search to find potential sugar babies, though mutual likes work too.

4. WhatsYourPrice—best for straightforward mutually beneficial relationships

  • Good for: Sugar babies and daddies
  • Registration: Free
  • Free options: Profile editing, search filters, public photos
whatsyourprice review

What’s Your Price is a unique sugar daddy site that helps negotiate the start of a sugar relationship with minimum hassle. After purchasing credits ($0.25 to 0.5 per credit), daddies can place bids on a sugar baby they like, skipping the awkward discussions of allowances and PPM. Other features are standard, including advanced search and live chat.

5. Emily Dates—best for meeting foreign women for international sugar dating

  • Good for: Sugar daddies and babies
  • Registration: Free
  • Free options: Encounters, likes and favorites, basic search, profile viewing
emily dates review

Like most sugar daddy dating sites, Emily Dates relies on advanced search filters and the swiping feature to match a sugar daddy with promising babies. With a premium subscription (20 credits for 3 days, $15 for 25 credits), the sugar dating platform allows users to exchange unlimited messages, contacts, and virtual gifts, which is especially useful for international arrangements.

Why become a sugar daddy?

While dating sites are the clear answer to how to become a sugar daddy, the answer to why men prefer sugar babies to girlfriends is more complex. After analyzing dozens of stories, we believe there are three common sugar daddy types:

  • Sugar daddies who play their strengths. Busy rich men with no time for dating can use their substantial income to interest women instead of showing off muscle. As a result, these men enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with beautiful women and are content to pay for fancy dinners, gifts, flowers, and more.
  • Sugar daddies who want casual relationships, not commitment. Sugar relationships are as transactional as dating and marriage, but partners are more straightforward about their desires. Wealthy men uninterested in having a girlfriend can support several sugar babies and enjoy their company and sex with no strings attached. Many rely on sugar babies to get over bad breakups or divorces.
  • Sugar daddies who enjoy making sugar babies’ lives better. Older men like knowing their money goes towards a good cause, and supporting a sugar baby through a tough time can boost their self-worth and confidence.

The three categories listed above are the most common, but there are dozens more reasons for a man to become a sugar daddy. That’s why you won’t know what type of sugar daddy you are until you try it.

Annual salary to become a sugar daddy

How rich do I have to be to become a sugar daddy?

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There’s no universal answer. No sugar daddy qualifications exist, but we can account for statistics and estimate the average expenses to calculate the minimum annual income. According to the surveys, a typical sugar daddy is a 38-year-old making $250,000 a year. Moreover, some sugar daddies have a net worth of $50 million and can afford to spend $200,000 yearly on sugar relationships with potential sugar babies.

However, sugar babies get $2,800 monthly from several sugar daddies. A monthly allowance with one or two dates per month is usually worth $1,500. With an average annual expenditure of around $60,000 and income before taxes of over $80,000, an average sugar daddy can afford to spend $36,000 on a sugar baby allowance yearly if his income is around $100,000 after taxes.

Finally, although some sugar dating sites require SDs to specify their annual income and net worth, most do not require proof of income. Therefore, you can join regardless of your annual salary as long as you can afford the expenses without becoming a salt daddy (someone who wants sugar without spending a dime).


You don’t need to be a millionaire to start a mutually beneficial relationship with a young woman. All you need is spare cash, expert advice on how to become a sugar daddy, and accounts with several good sugar daddy websites. You got the former two—now give a sugar daddy site a try.

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