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How To Write A Sugar Daddy Profile? Tips To Attract More Sugar Babies

How To Write A Sugar Daddy Profile? Tips To Attract More Sugar Babies

Most popular sugar dating platforms like Secret Benefits and SugarDaddy.com have 70-80% sugar babies and about 30-20% sugar daddies, respectively. Does it mean that benefactors can just relax and attract ladies despite having a low-effort profile? Not exactly. Many SBs say that some sugar daddies make them feel extremely uncomfortable and they try to avoid them. A low-quality profile is a kind of red sign, so you are likely to get much less attention from sugar babies. So how to write the best sugar daddy profile? You’ll find all the tips, recommendations, and examples below.

Here are the best websites to find real sugar babies:

# Website Response rate
1 Secret Benefits 95%
2 SugarDaddy.com 93%
3 Ashley Madison 89%
4 WhatsYourPrice 91%
5 Emily Dates 87%

How to write a sugar daddy profile?

Here are the most important rules to follow when creating a profile:

  1. Add photos. A lot of sugar daddies believe that their appearance doesn’t matter, and well, it matters less than in the case of sugar babies, but most ladies would prefer at least three pics of a man they are talking to.
  2. Add details. Describe your career, your life goals, relationship goals, values, priorities, and the match you are looking for. Believe us, all that information is important.
  3. Create a good headline—we’ll tell you how to do it in this guide, too.
  4. Choose a good username. It can be a standard one, for example, RichardfromNewYork or DoctorfromTX or anything like that or creative. But it shouldn’t be “creepy”. BigGunForYou or SexMachine are bad options.

Sugar daddy profiles don’t have to be incredibly creative or super catchy. But they have to be informed—that’s more than enough to receive a lot of attention from ladies or gentlemen looking for benefactors.

Sugar daddy profile headings

What distinguishes bad headlines from great sugar daddy profile headlines? They are not informative, they don’t carry any important message, they are somehow related to sex, and sometimes they sound too narcissistic. Good headlines, in turn, are the opposite to all the things we’ve just listed. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. Work in health care, looking for a charming lady
  2. Based in New York, looking for a blonde sugar baby to spoil
  3. Successful man, in search of adventurous woman
  4. An IT specialist seeking companionship
  5. Looking for a fun and optimistic girl

Basically, all these headlines tell something important. You can mention what type of girl you are looking for, describe yourself to attract ladies, and/or provide some important details like location on age.

Sugar daddy profile examples

Now, let’s take a look at two sugar daddy profile examples and analyze them.

good sugar daddy profile example

Generally speaking, that’s a great profile. There is a lot of information around sugar daddy bio, his occupation, marital status, and appearance. He described what’s important to him, and that will help him find the right lady. On top of that, there are a few relationship goals that he mentioned in his profile—that’s extremely important, too. The only serious drawback is the lack of pictures—we’d recommend you upload at least 3 high-quality photos in different outfits and locations.

bad sugar daddy profile example

Now let’s take a look at the second profile. “Write me to learn more about me” is a phrase that rarely makes people take a step. Most sugar babies would probably just skip the profile. Zodiac signs are not enough to make ladies contact you, too. This gentleman, however, has a lot of photos, and that’s the thing to learn from him.


Studies show that sugar relationships are no longer stigmatized—to some extent, they are even encouraged. If you think that this type of dating is for you, just give it a try. Now you know how to write a sugar daddy profile, and a good profile is one of the keys to success.

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