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How To Find A Sugar Momma: All Working Methods

How To Find A Sugar Momma: All Working Methods

There are different ways to find a sugar mom, and each has its own specifics. Our guide will cover all the best places to search and give practical and simple life hacks.

Where to find a sugar momma 

  • Cougar Lifewebsite and mobile application with huge traffic at the same time
  • Secret Benefitsone of the oldest and most reputable sites in its niche.
  • WhatsYourPricea site with good rates and a comfortable interface
  • Emily Dates a site where you will always find many beautiful and successful sugar moms

Let’s talk more about each of the sites.

Best Sites to Find Sugar Moms


cougarlife site

Cougar Life is a big site with about half a million users and 129,000 monthly visitors. The main communication channel is messages, but users can also exchange gifts. One of the features of CougarLife is a convenient and very detailed search for a sugar mama. You can even search for a sugar mama by eye color. Another huge plus is a convenient mobile application. If you are looking for sugar momma dating apps, we advise you to choose CougarLife.


secret benefits

Secret Benefits is one of the most reputable and visited sites in the sugar industry. The monthly number of visits is about 16 million. The site allows you to exchange messages with a sugar mama or sugar daddy, as well as view the secret albums of users. Premium users have the opportunity to raise their profile in the search results and receive technical support in priority mode. Another feature of the site is a blog with many useful tips for successful sugar momma dating.


whatsyourprice site

WhatsYourPrice is a sugar site that has a million monthly visits. The main channel of communication on the platform is messages. You can also attract attention with a wink. Also, on the site, you can always join one of the chat rooms. This is a simple sugar daddy dating site, but it is trendy, and the users are quite active.


emilydates site

Emily Dates is a site with a very high quality audience. You will be amazed at how many beautiful and successful sugar moms there are. By the way, the site traffic is 1.9 million per month. The site offers a wide range of services: communication via letters and chat and the organization of dates. The design of the site is pleasant and understandable at first sight.

How to find a sugar momma online 

You need to follow simple rules and tips to find a sugar mom. These tips are tried and tested and will help anyone who really wants the best option on sugar mummy websites.

  • Understand what kind of sugar momma relationship you are looking for. There are wide varieties of sugar dating. Can you date from time to time, or will you have a classic lengthy sugar relationship? Maybe you are interested in a mentor sugar relationship with a sugar mommy or just a platonic one? Think about that, as well as what kind of sugar mamas might be looking for the correct type of relationship for you.
  • Select sugar momma dating sites. Online dating platforms have to be convenient for you. Otherwise, you will resume your search in a couple of days. Think about which site will help you achieve your goal faster and present yourself as profitably as possible.
  • Decide on the criteria of the woman you are looking for. Think not only about what kind of women you like, but also what kind of mature women would be interested in you. Look realistically at this question, but do not lose inspiration.
  • Take quality photos for your sugar baby profile. This is your main weapon in the fight for the coolest sugar moms with other sugar babies. Photos must necessarily display cheerfulness, kindness, energy, and, of course, good physical shape.
  • Write message templates. Be sure to include personalized compliments in these templates and make it clear that you have carefully read the profile of a woman. An attentive attitude will be appreciated by every woman, and even more so by a mature one.

How to find a sugar momma on Instagram

looking for sugar momma on instagram

Instagram is not a dating app, but it can be used as an alternative way to find a sugar mummy. To search for a sugar mommy, in this case, follow the instructions:

  1. Create an attractive profile of a male sugar baby. Add at least 5-10 quality photos. If you only have one or two shots, your profile will not appear credible to sugar mommas.
  2. Pay attention to the profile description. Indicate your occupation, hobbies, your strengths. Imagine that you need to tell about yourself in a few words. But make sure to make the sugar mom interested. What words will you choose?
  3. Search for matching sugar moms with hashtags and geotags. Choose the most popular places in the city, as well as business centers.
  4. Do not rush to communicate with sugar mom. First, subscribe to a lady, leave comments, and like her content. Show that your interest is sincere. Only then can you write messages to a sugar mom. Be persistent but not rude, and any peak will submit to you.

How to find a sugar momma on Craigslist

looking for sugar mom on craigslist

Craigslist is not a relationship search site but a very popular resource, so you might want to try it.

  1. Fill out your profile with as much detail as possible. You should not arouse suspicion and the future sugar mom.
  2. Create a topic in the community with an intriguing title. It should cause an instant desire to read it.
  3. Be clear about your offer. You don’t have to write a long story. Two or three sentences are optimal.
  4. Answer questions, if any. Pay no attention to the negatives. Show yourself as an open and positive person.

Summing up sugar dating: how to find a sugar mama

The best places to find a sugar mommy are specialized dating sites. At the same time, in addition, you can use Craigslist and Instagram to search. Whatever method you choose, it is important to be active and creative. In this case, you have a much better chance of finding a sugar mom.

Allison Robin
Allison is an ex-social worker with over 5 years of experience, and it’s exactly what helps her create the content that will be helpful and comprehensive for a beginner, as well as for an experienced sugar dater. Her specialization is sugar guides, where she shares the most effective algorithms for solving problems, finding sugar partners, and more.
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