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How To Find A Sugar Daddy In 2022

How To Find A Sugar Daddy In 2022

Many successful men lead busy lifestyles and just don’t want or don’t have time for traditional dating. They seek hot sugar babies for a mutually beneficial arrangement to have no drama and enjoy the company of an attractive woman. But even though sugar relationships are common, finding a rich sugar daddy and not a salt daddy is not that easy. Our guide is here to help you find the perfect site!

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Where to find a sugar daddy?

When you start looking for a potential sugar daddy, all your options can be divided into online and offline ones. Let’s explore which one works more effectively for a sugar baby.

Looking for sugar daddies IRL

sugar baby looking for sugar daddy offline

Some sugar babies are seeking arrangement in real life. If you want to opt for this offline way, you generally have two options:

  • Going to luxurious places. Wealthy men like to visit high-end places where they spend their free time and don’t mind meeting a hot sugar baby. But to use this option, you should do research on the most popular sugar dating locations in your state or region.
  • Other sugar baby recommendations. The majority of sugar babies who find a sugar daddy IRL meet through mutual connections. If you know someone who has experience with sugar relationships, she can connect you with a sugar daddy or his wealthy friends.

Online sugar daddy search

Another option you have is sugar daddy websites. It’s very hard to find a sugar daddy in real life without using a sugar dating site. We sadly don’t live in a world where people are willing to state their true intentions.

sugar dating online

But thankfully, several options can help you find a sugar daddy online. Let’s explore all pros and cons of each dating site.

Traditional dating sites

Regular dating sites can help you meet established men who can become your sugar daddy. But as those platforms were not designed for sugar dating, many younger men are interested in more romantic relationships. Still, they may not want to provide financial support, luxurious gifts, and help you with tuition or bills.

traditional dating

To meet a sugar daddy on traditional dating sites is harder. If you decide to use this option for sugar dating, you need to communicate that in your profile bio. You don’t need to write directly because some top sites ban certain words. Instead, you can hint by writing something like:

‘Adore established men who know what a woman wants.’

Searching for a sugar daddy on Social media

Another way many sugar babies use is searching on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Frankly, it’s the least effective way, as a sugar baby needs to put a lot of time and effort into developing her Instagram page before she can attract at least someone interested in sugar dating.

social media dating

Also, it is less effective than a dating site or sugar site as it has many people who are not interested in sugar dating at all. You’ll be spending more time without guarantees, and on the best sugar daddy site, like Seeking Arrangement, you can start chatting to SDs in under 10 minutes.

Specialized sugar daddy sites

The best sugar daddy sites, like Ashley Madison, are the most effective way to meet verified sugar daddies fast. The benefits of sugar daddy websites include:

  • Community of like-minded people seeking arrangement and not just casual relationships
  • Many sugar daddies on sugar sites who know the peculiarities of sugar relationship
  • Most sugar dating sites have an advanced search feature to find a rich SD
  • There are various sugar daddy sites for different types of relationships
  • Most sugar babies offer free membership to sugar babies

But you need to be ready for some competition and take time to help your profile to stand out as the sugar baby ratio is usually around 70/30. It means that there are more women than wealthy men.

How to get a sugar daddy on sugar daddy sites?

After you pick the best sugar daddy site, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to find the wealthiest sugar daddies.

  • Check if the sugar website or sugar daddy app is trustworthy and suitable for your goals. Read sugar daddy site reviews before joining.
  • Register and take time creating a sugar baby profile. On average, sugar daddies spend less than 10 sec on a sugar baby profile, which is why it’s crucial to catch attention with sexy photos, an engaging headline, and an informative bio.
  • Go through the dating site verification process to appear more trustworthy to potential daddies.
  • Consider getting a premium account on the dating site you choose. Paying members have increased visibility and can reach more wealthy men.
  • Browse sugar daddies’ profiles and utilize filters on the sugar daddy website or sugar daddy app to not only find rich men but also sugar daddies you find attractive.
  • Don’t be shy and approach members on the sugar daddy website. The great thing is that male and female members on the best sugar daddy sites are there for the same reason. You can talk freely; reaching out to sugar daddies you like is normal.
  • Negotiate a clear agreement and ask about expectations. The essential rule of all sugar babies is to set boundaries and make an agreement that satisfies both parties.
  • Turn a flirty chat on a dating site into an IRL date. Online communication with a sugar daddy who is not turning into a relationship wastes your time. Don’t concentrate only on one sugar daddy! Broaden your options and move on if you hesitate with a particular sugar daddy.
sugar daddy in restaraunt

Follow these easy tips and register only to the best sugar daddy sites to have a positive experience with sugar dating.

How to talk to a potential sugar daddy?

Popular sugar babies have many secrets of communication that younger women who want to be elite singles are not aware of. We are here to reveal tips on talking to sugar mommas or daddies on the best sugar dating sites.

  1. Be flirty and playful. A sugar relationship is meant to be easy and fun. The gender ratio is not playing to your benefit, so be easy to talk to.
  2. Don’t be pushy, and don’t ask many personal questions. Many SDs who seek a sugar baby on a sugar daddy site prefer to stay private and are not comfortable discussing private matters.
  3. Be direct about what you want and expect. People who join a sugar dating site are comfortable talking about the financial and sexual parts of the relationship, and you should be too if you want to become a popular sugar baby.
  4. Show that you are interested not only because your SD is a rich guy. Sugar dating is already transactional enough, which is something many SD don’t like. Try to show appreciation for your SD in your chats regularly.
  5. Remember details to build an emotional connection. Pro sugar babies always ensure to meet the emotional needs of their SDs.
sugar daddy and sugar baby on the first date

How to keep a sugar daddy interested?

By getting to know a person and building an emotional connection, you increase your chances for more long-term sugar arrangements. It allows you to get an idea of who they are, what they’re like, and what approach to take. Also, it’s wise to ask questions about what your daddy would like. But here are some universal tips:

  • Take care of your appearance and style as SDs seek beautiful women.
  • The secret of many elite singles is to have a signature scent that will be memorable.
  • Be easy to talk to and supportive. Most daddies want to feel that you care.
  • Stay mysterious and don’t appear as an open book.

These few sugar babies secrets will help you keep the best sugar daddy and enjoy more long-term relationships. And therefore get a stable source of income.

sugar baby with presents

How to treat a sugar daddy?

Here is some advice that experienced sugar baby wants to share with all new sugar babies on how to treat an SD on a sugar baby site and IRL.

  • Be playful to keep your SD interested during your communication on a sugar daddy site to keep him interested in his sugar baby.
  • Try to spend time with your sugar daddy to get to know him and make him want to have more dates with you.
  • Be respectful, whether you chat on the sugar daddy website or on a date.
  • It’s important to be clear with your sugar daddy on expectations, wants, and needs.
  • Make sure they’re having a good time with you and anticipate a potential date.
sugar baby and sugar daddy kissing

How safe are Instagram sugar daddies for sugar babies?

You have to be careful about who you date because there are some bad apples out there. Some men who like free stuff want to get a younger woman as a sugar baby but don’t want to spend money on her. They build sandcastles of fake stories and promise first date gifts to make a sugar baby sleep with them and disappear.

Especially salt daddies are popular on Instagram and other sites that don’t specialize in sugaring. The best sugar daddy websites, like Ashley Madison or SugarDaddyMeet, have a verification process that provides verified sugar babies and daddies and therefore increases security.

But regardless of what sugar baby/sugar daddy site you use, you always need to use your intuition, intelligence, and street smarts to ensure you don’t end up in any awkward or compromising situations.


Nowadays, more daddies are seeking younger women for a no strings attached relationship as it’s easier and drama-free. Also, an SD can have multiple sugar babies, young and older women, who will satisfy his romantic needs.

And the most effective way to meet a perfect partner who can provide financial support, take on luxury vacations, and other secret benefits are through the best sugar daddy websites.

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