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Luxury Date Review: Tips And Tricks For Finding A Perfect Match

Luxury Date Review: Tips And Tricks For Finding A Perfect Match

We’re always on the lookout for user-friendly dating sites, and Luxury Date came up on our radar recently as a streamlined and reliable option for casual and sugar relationships. After a thorough look around and a month-long round of tests, we’re ready to share the verdict. In this Luxury Date review, we’ll cover everything from registration and account setup to successes and failures we’ve experienced on this dating platform.

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Luxury Date overview

📈 Visits per month:303K
✅ Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:93%
🌍 Most used in:US, UK, and Canada

Popular LuxuryDate profiles

What we liked about Luxury Date:

  • Thousands of active users are online at any time
  • The Top Admirer feature sets profiles apart from other users
  • Private photos are available upon request and unlocking for ten credits
  • Search results are filtered by location, gender, age, habits, appearance, etc.
  • Video verification reduces the number of fake profiles

What we didn’t like about Luxury Date:

  • Video chat and calls are unavailable
  • There’s no matching algorithm, only favorites and admirers
  • Account deactivation and deletion are a bit tricky

Who will enjoy Luxury Date:

  • Single men looking for casual or sugar relationships
  • Sugar daddies willing to take care of sugar babies’ needs
  • Goal-oriented singles looking for local flirting and hookups

Luxury Date rates:

  • 100 credits – $59
  • 500 credits – $169

1,000 credits – $289

Luxury Date: Creating a profile

Luxury Date isn’t the biggest online dating site out there, and it is open to more than sugar relationship options, as there are plenty of people looking for casual dating and even long-term commitments. Being aware of this, sugar daddies and sugar babies should clearly specify their goals and expectations before meeting in person to avoid unpleasant surprises.

luxurydate registration process

As it is, the registration process took us barely five minutes, even without Google or Facebook signup. No phone number was needed; all we shared were our email and location, as well as our gender and that of the preferred partner. Then, after a quick email confirmation, we were home free and ready to discover the hidden treasures of Luxury Date.

To its credit, the dating site did an excellent job discreetly providing a verification option. It would have added a lovely green pin to the profile picture. And as far as we could tell, verification videos were easy to shoot and upload. But as we had no intention of sticking around, we skipped this step.

How to make your profile stand out?

  1. Pick a profile photo that highlights your best features; whether it’s your smile, ripped abs, or broad shoulders is for you to decide.
  2. Pay attention to profile fields, as you can skip some (like net worth) and expand others using a “View More” button at the bottom of the list.
  3. Make your tagline short and creative, but clear so that sugar babies know what you’re looking for in a relationship or what you’re willing to offer.
luxurydate setting up profile

Luxury Date pricing

To make sense of the Luxury Date cost, let’s go over all the free and premium features we tested during our research. Hopefully, our experience will help you decide if this sugar dating service is worth the expense.

Free features

The Luxury Date site operates much like other sugar dating platforms, offering a chance to sign up and browse sugar baby profiles but limiting other features. We tested every completely free feature, including:

  • Luxury Date registration process. It was relatively fast and painless for us, with minimum questions and no personality test.
  • Profile editing. After uploading the profile photo, we took a few minutes to specify lifestyle, appearance, and bio fields.
  • Public and private photo uploads. Luxury Date gave us plenty of room to upload both public and private videos and photos, and we appreciated it all the more while browsing sugar babies’ accounts.
  • Video verification procedure. We decided to skip the process, though it looked easy enough and should not have taken much time.
  • 10+ advanced search filters. Unlike some sugar dating platforms, Luxury Date gave us plenty to work with when looking for a perfect match.
  • Admirers, Favorites, Visitors, and Viewed lists. The “Matches” title was confusing at first, as there was no matching algorithm involved, but it was still nice to learn whose attention we’d attracted.
  • Temporary account hiding and complete deactivation. Both features are available in the Profile Settings tab, and we used them after completing preliminary research.
  • Browsing public profiles of other users. It was nice to access the newest and recently active sugar baby profiles, view their pics, and learn more about them, though the account layouts could have been better.
luxurydate members

Overall, while Luxury Date offers plenty of free features, including registration and search, free access to communication features is nonexistent. Sugar daddies need to sign up for a premium membership to contact sugar babies or view secret photos.

Premium features

Like many sugar dating sites, Luxury Date relies on a credit system and offers three packages to new and regular members:

  • 100 credits – $59 ($0.59/credit)
  • 500 credits – $169 ($0.34/credit)
  • 1,000 credits – $289 ($0.29/credit)
luxurydate prices

Once you purchase credits, you can spend them on:

  • Secret browsing for 24 hours – 10 credits
  • Unlocking unlimited messaging with a member – 10 credits
  • Unlocking private photos and videos – 10 credits/album
  • Top Admirer status – 30 to 1,000 credits

The transparent pricing policy is definitely an upside, especially considering the unlimited number of messages you can then exchange with each sugar baby. However, we noticed an influx of messages from ladies as soon as we logged in, and most conversations came with private photos, pushing the price from 10 to 20 credits. With the basic package of 100 credits, we barely managed to unlock seven chats and three private albums, spending the whole package in a couple of days.

luxurydate chat

After that rush of messages, we believe the basic package to be overpriced, as $59 for contacting five to ten women seems too much. At the same time, the biggest package lives up to its name of “Best Value”, giving access to 50 to 100 conversations for only $289. That seems like a good deal, considering the average monthly expenses on other sugar dating sites.

How to find sugar babies on Luxury Date

We’ve gone through every Luxury dating site feature and are now ready to share our experience and insights to help you navigate the platform if you choose to join it.

Search filters and results

The Search tab was easy to spot in the top menu, and the initial results instantly demonstrated local singles within a 30-mile radius. And once we found the search filters, we set out to find verified accounts with photos and videos available, but we didn’t specify any other traits.

Overall, Luxury Date offered 10+ search filter options, including the following:

  • Location—search by city and distance
  • Photos, videos, and verification status
  • Physical traits—search by ethnicity, age, body type, height, age, hair color, gender
  • Lifestyle—search by smoking, drinking, tattoos, piercings
luxurydate search filters

We enjoyed the toggle that let us switch between recently active or newest users’ profiles. It was instrumental in getting fast responses from sugar babies.

Members accounts

The user profile pages on Luxury Date seemed a bit counterintuitive, with the message bar at the top and personal info at the very bottom of the page, under all the premium options unavailable for free members.

On the bright side, most profiles are verified and pretty detailed (which is expected, considering the number of search filters). We checked out a couple of dozen profiles, and only five of them were near-empty and free of green verification badges. The rest enticed us with plenty of public pics and secret photos. A handful had public profile videos, which were great.

luxurydate profile

On the downside, some ladies didn’t try all that hard. A few meaningless phrases in the bio and poor-quality pics weren’t enough to convince us to part with ten credits. And we didn’t get much info about the Top Admirer feature. We could place bids between 30 and 1,000 credits to score the top place, but the benefits were pretty unclear. And we couldn’t find anything about this feature in the FAQ section.

Communication tools

We were first drawn to the Matches tab hoping for an automatic algorithm, but instead found Admirers, Favorites, Visitors, and Viewed tabs (the names speak for themselves). And although we were flattered our account had drawn so much interest from the ladies, going through all the admirers and visitors was a lengthy endeavor. We preferred using search filters, though we’re sure some sugar daddies will find these lists helpful.

When we finally arrived at the Messages tab, the Inbox was overflowing with messages. We got over a dozen comments, so we could afford to be picky about our responses. Once online, the ladies were quick to respond, but we had to wait a few hours on a couple of conversations. The outgoing messages were stored in the Sent tab, but we didn’t end up using the Archive, reserved for users not currently active on Luxury Date.

Since we couldn’t afford to respond to every message, we chose to remove the majority of conversations to make sense of the Inbox. Luckily, the option was available in the conversation menu (three dots found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). It was also nice to add girls to favorites and request secret photos without leaving the conversation tab.

What sets Luxury Date apart?

Profile settings offer some of the most useful features, even if they are hard to find. We recommend checking out the following:

  • Secret browsing. For 10 credits, you get the chance to browse as many sugar baby profiles as you can manage in 24 hours. You won’t end up in the Visitors tabs. It’s a neat trick if you want to avoid a rush of messages from every woman whose profile you check out.
  • Profile hiding. Whenever you decide to take a break from sugar dating, choose this option, and other users won’t be able to search for or browse your profile. Note that profile deactivation is available in the same tab, but it only becomes available after about 10 seconds and requires your password.

Although these Luxury Date features may not seem like much, they can make a huge difference in your experience, especially if you’re new to the sugar dating scene.

Our experience

Date #1 Soulmate searcher

She was among a dozen other babies who spammed our Inbox within the first couple of days. But she caught our attention with her self-assured tagline (“Try not to fall in love with me“) and her goal of finding her “One.”

She was looking for an older gentleman who’d make her feel special, so our goals didn’t exactly mesh. Still, she was an inventive flirt with a flair for suggestive puns. Some of them made us blush and laugh out loud at the same time. We still chat occasionally for the pure pleasure of her wit.

Date #2 Barely legal and desperate

Her moody look and enormous glasses caught our eye among the sea of catty smiles and winks. The girl was 18 and clearly desperate for some financial support, judging by her bio and relationship goals. She was ready for everything, long-term or short-term.

We’d have gladly taken her out on a date, but her location was too far from our home base, so we settled for a message. Unfortunately, she wasn’t interested in friendly, casual chatting, so our conversation fizzled out pretty soon.

Date#3 Dog mom looking for love

The hot red bikini and the four dogs were a killer combination, and her hope of finding true love was even sweeter. We responded to her initial flirty message and exchanged a few more before going out on a coffee date. And although we had fun sharing dog photos, at the end of the date, we went our separate ways. But it was nice to know Luxury Date isn’t only about sugar dating.

Experts’ opinions

Jessica Powell, author:Luxury Date has everything an aspiring sugar daddy needs to meet gorgeous women, set up dates, and enjoy their company in real life. Although I wish the communication options were a bit more diverse, they work wonders if you want to take the relationship into the real world as soon as possible.’

Sam Golden, researcher: ‘For a niche platform, Luxury Date has a solid reputation among sugar daddies and babies. The dating site comes with the right combination of features to catch the eye, get you hooked, and keep you coming for more.’

Luxury Date: 5 tips to make the most of the dating site

  1. Go for the largest credit package, as it offers the best value for money and will get you more conversations and private albums.
  2. Don’t unlock every message and secret photo you receive to save credits; check the woman’s profile first to make sure your goals match.
  3. Consider anonymous browsing to cut down the number of profile views and admirers if you feel overwhelmed.
  4. Focus on female users with verified profiles to avoid fake accounts and potential scams.
  5. Do not share sensitive private data, nude photos, and other information you wouldn’t want to be leaked.

Final thoughts

Luxury Date is the meeting place for like-minded people interested in sugar relationships. Easy to navigate, the platform focuses on secret albums and personal messages, and the lack of video chat can be intentional to promote faster real-life connections. After testing every free and premium feature, we suggest you sign up and look around before investing in the best-value credit package. It will be worth your while.

Sam Golden
Our writers and editors can’t work without relevant information and the latest data that show what trends in the sugar community are at the moment. An experienced theoretical psychologist, Sam Golden, is the one who finds information that is impossible to find and allows us to share only relevant content with you.
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