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Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money: How To Send Your Sugar Daddy Payment

Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money: How To Send Your Sugar Daddy Payment

Sugaring operates under the proposed construct of a relationship rather than a business. Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny that sugar relationships are also transactional. How can sugar daddies pay sugar babies? Are there any sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting? Which payment method is the best to pay an allowance to a sugar baby you’ve just met on a sugar daddy website? Find all the answers in this guide.

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How to send online sugar daddy payments?

Generally speaking, sugar daddies can choose between two payment options: cash and digital payments. Why not withdraw money from an ATM and solve the problem fast and easily? It’s not always an option, especially for wealthy men who value their time. Still, paying in cash has its pros and cons, so let’s look at them before we get to the online payment methods.

sugar baby on sugar dating

Should you pay sugar babies you meet on sugar dating sites in cash?

Cash is untraceable, and it’s its main advantage. However, it doesn’t always work well. Why? Sugar babies on best sugar daddy sites like Secret Benefits fall under the two categories: ladies who prefer to get a sugar daddy who pays per date, and sugar babies who prefer to have long-term mutually beneficial relationships and get monthly allowances. So, let’s take a look at the most common payment options.

PPM or Pay Per Meet

In this case, everything’s simple. A sugar daddy joins one of the sugar dating sites, meets sugar babies, dates them, and pays per date. It’s not about prostitution—good sugar daddy apps, as well as top sugar daddy sites like Secret Benefits, do everything possible to get rid of members involved in sex work. Sugar daddy dating is about companionship, romance, conversations, all these “traditional” things. Those who choose PPM usually prefer to have a few dates a month instead of meeting 3 times a week. In this case, paying in cash is just more convenient.

Monthly allowance

However, this is not the only common script. Some SDs, as well as SBs, use sugar daddy sites like SugarDaddy.com to find a long-term relationship (not always exclusive, though), and they usually choose monthly allowances, not PPM. How much money will a sugar daddy pay in this case? 

The average monthly allowance, according to Seeking.com, the largest sugar daddy website, is $2,400 per month, and $28,800 a year, respectively.  No need to say both sugar daddies and sugar babies who choose such type of payment prefer to send and receive payments online.

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Platforms and sugar daddy dating sites that send money

So, what other options do SDs who use sugar baby sites have? Take a look at the table.

Required information Works for foreign SBs/SDsExtra fees (not including fees for converting currency) Time to process paymentAvailable on mobile devicesProsCons
PayPalEmail addressNot for allNo InstantYes1) Very popular
2) No extra fees (in most cases)
3) Available worldwide (in some countries, users can’t withdraw money though)
4) Accepted on popular sugar daddy sites
5) In most cases, payments are instant
1) Some SBs (mostly foreign) have no PayPal account
2) Extra fees for converting money
Cash AppEmail addressNot for allNo InstantYes1) Instant transfers
2) Available in a wide variety of countries
3) Easy to use
4) Provides a refund function
1) Often used by dating scammers
2) Does not have an anonymous mode, and all transfers can be traced
Zelle AppEmail addressNoNo InstantYes1) Simple to use
2) Widely spread all over America
3) 24/7 support service
4) Secure
1) The platform does not allow hiding neither sender’s nor recipient’s names
2) Not popular among young people
3) No payment reverse feature
CryptocurrenciesCrypto wallet addressYesNoInstantYes1) Instant payments
2) No extra fees
3) Discreet payments
1) Very few SBs have crypto wallets
E-walletsIt depends. In most cases, email address and payment details are requiredYesDepends, from 0% to 10% From instant to 14 business daysYes1) A lot of good e-wallets to choose from
2) Available internationally
3) Sending money using email and basic information 
1) Extra fees
2) In some cases, processing takes at least a few days
3) Fees for converting currencies
4) Account can be blocked
Bank depositsBank informationNoDepends on a bankFrom instant to 2-5 business daysIn some cases1) Direct payments
2) Usually instant
3) Works for most SBs
1) Need to know a SB’s bank info
2) Trackable transactions
Pre-paid debit cardsNo need to know the information of the gifteeNoDepends on a deposit method and a bankInstantOnly virtual1) Card limit
2) Easy to get
3) Instant deposits (in most cases)
4) No credit check required
1) Not always appreciated by SBs
2) Takes time
Sugar dating app/sugar dating site that sends moneyNone (you only need to choose a member’s profile to place a bid)YesDepends on the site’s policyDepends on the site’s policyYes1) Payments via the site (bidding)
2) No need to know a SB’s contant/bank information
1) Works only with bidding
2) No guarantees the site will actually make the transaction you expect 

Finding a good dating site is not easy, and finding a good sugar baby site is even harder (top-3 trusted sugar dating sites are: Secret Benefits, SugarDaddy.com and Ashley Madison). Still, it’s only half the battle. Though female sugar babies face fierce competition on the sugar dating scene, you’ll still have a lot of conversations with ladies, including discussions about money. Choosing your ideal payment method before you start your real sugar relationship is a good idea. Now you know what the most popular methods that both SBs and ladies can use, but let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail.

Top 5 platforms & sugar daddy apps that send money: From the table and in detail

Let’s say you’ve already found the best sugar daddy site. Then you’ll need to ask yourself how much money you are ready to pay and select an ideal payment method. You already know their basic characteristics from our table above: now we will discuss these payment methods in more detail.

Good old payment platform for a sugar daddy—PayPal

paypal app

Both SBs and SDs looking for partners on sugar daddy dating websites like Sugar Daddy Meet often use PayPal to transfer money. This financial platform allows you to purchase anything or send payments on any device. You just add a bank account, debit/credit card, and make any transactions you need. Of course, PayPal also allows receiving payments, and nearly all SBs on any niche dating site will have a PayPal account.

Another great thing about it is in most cases, there are no extra fees for sending money except for the cases when you need to convert the currency. If you use a sugar daddy site to meet women in your area, not foreign ladies, you won’t need to pay anything besides an allowance/payment for a date you send.

Is PayPal safe for sugar daddy?

Yes, of course—it’s considered one of the most secure payment systems available on the web. The recipient won’t receive any additional, in particular, financial information about a sender. Your bank account number or credit card won’t be shown to an SB.

Cash App

cash app

Convenient and instant, Cash App is a decent money transfer service that will perfectly work for sugar relationships. Plus, the service is pretty reputable and has more than 7,000,000 users. In addition, Cash App is available in a wide variety of countries, making it easier to send money to your foreign sugar babies. At the same time, just like any service, Cash App has its pros and cons, so let’s take a look at those.


zelle app

Zelle is an American money transfer service that allows sending money to and from bank accounts registered in different banks. The app is simple to use as well as perfect for transferring money to your sugar baby. Plus, Zelle is a secure and legit payment service, so you don’t have to worry about your money. However, the app has both advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a brief look at those.

How to send money discreetly? Use cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have a lot of advantages over regular payments, and most rich sugar daddies prefer to have some Bitcoin and Ethereum, so why not use it to send a monthly allowance to an SB?

Here’s why both SDs and SBs can benefit from sending/receiving crypto payments:

  • Super fast processing
  • Low transaction fees
  • No way to identify a reciever/a sender (except for using a blockchain address)
  • Transactions are conducted only on peer-to-peer basis
  • Works for foreign SBs/SDs
  • Highest security level

Are there any cons?

Generally speaking, sending money in cryptocurrencies to a sugar baby you’ve met on one of the best sugar daddy websites such as Secret Benefits is a good idea—there’s no way to track the payment or identify a sender. There is only one problem SDs can experience with this payment method—very few SBs already have crypto wallets, so there’s a chance that you’ll need to help your partner to create one.


e-wallet app

E-wallets are another option for SDs who are going to start a sugar relationship with an attractive lady they’ve just met on a premium dating site, and it works perfectly for those who are starting an international relationship. The most popular e-wallets are:

  • Skrill (MoneyBookers)—can be accepted on the best sugar daddy websites as well
  • Google Wallet (available in the US, but can be not available in particular countries)
  • Venmo
  • Neteller
  • Payoneer

However, there may be extra fees for transactions and even higher fees for converting the currency. It may also take 1-7 banking days to process the transaction. Nevertheless, some of these wallets are pretty easy to use and are available all over the world.

Bank deposits

SDs and SBs who’ve met each other on one of the sugar dating websites like SugarDaddy.com or Ashley Madison often use this good old payment method. However, most sugar partners use it if they already are pretty close and trust each other. Do sugar daddies need bank info to use it? Yes, they do, and not all SBs are ready to provide it to a sugar daddy she has just met on a sugar dating site. On top of that, they’ll also need to know her bank and full name to send money. 

Basically, this is one of the reasons why some SBs choose a “pay per meet” payment method when meeting new SDs. They can agree upon a monthly allowance after they get close enough and decide that both are interested in a long-term relationship.

Pre-paid debit cards

credit cards

Another great option for all people using sugar daddy dating sites like Ashley Madison is getting a prepaid debit card. You can reload it in plenty of ways and get cash at an ATM or just make purchases. The best thing for a sugar daddy is that you can load money in plenty of different ways, too—at an ATM, via checks, bank deposits, and transfers. And it’s safer, too. If a sugar daddy dates one woman, the pre-paid debit card helps him avoid that typical this-month-I-spent-more scenario.

There is a limit, and an SB won’t be able to spend more than you load. Another benefit is that you don’t have to pass any credit checks and can get such a card easily. As for monthly fees and extra fees for withdrawing cash or making purchases, they largely depend on the bank that you choose.

Sugar daddy dating sites that send money

Free sugar dating sites exist, but free membership is usually available to SBs. A sugar daddy who chooses one of the sugar daddy apps or the best sugar daddy sites like SugarDaddy.com will need to pay for a premium membership or buy credits. Good sugar daddy websites usually offer tons of payment options from PayPal to debit/credit card payments, but does it mean that you can use them to spoil your SB, too?

How do the best sugar daddy apps and sites that send money work?

Generally speaking, it depends on a sugar daddy site. Most sugar daddy apps and sites just connect daddies and sugar babies, but some platforms use the so-called bidding systems. Here is how it works: a sugar daddy deposits money and places bids on the first date with an SB. If she agrees, she gets paid directly through the website.

Still, the largest sugar daddy site, Secret Benefits, as well as most other sugar baby sites like Sugar Daddy Meet, Ashley Madison (not entirely a sugar site but works for people seeking sugar arrangements, too) just sell premium membership plans. The rest depends on SDs—successful men usually contact potential sugar babies and well, negotiate. You are free to discuss any terms of your sugar relationships, and negotiating about the amount and type of payment is just a part of a sugaring culture. You can also discuss the payment method and offer SBs receive money in any of the ways we’ve described above.

Should a sugar daddy pay taxes? If yes, how much?

Another important question is who pays taxes, a sugar daddy or a sugar baby? The right answer is directly related to the definition and nature of sugar relationships. So, let’s say there is a sugar baby and a sugar daddy who’ve met each other on a good sugar daddy website like Secret Benefits and want to start a relationship. What are the terms, goals, and expectations?

sugar baby with sugar daddy on vacation

What mutually beneficial relationships really are

Some studies define sugar dating as a mutually beneficial relationship between two people where one, the sugar baby, is compensated by another party, the sugar mama or daddy, for their time. Most scholarly works also contain information about the differences between a sugar relationship and all other types of relationships. Yes, a sugar relationship is transactional, but contrary to popular belief, they tend to focus not only on intimacy but on companionship, friendship, and often authentic feelings.

SBs on Ashley Madison, Sugar Daddy Meet and other sites—Are they involved in sex work?

Researchers also emphasize that it would be wrong to equate sugar dating to sex work—the ability of sugar babies to initiate intimacy, delay it, not to start or end it is one of the things that distinguishes sugar dating from prostitution.

So, if the above-mentioned sugar daddy and sugar baby start dating, it won’t be a purely market relationship. A sugar baby doesn’t provide “services”—she starts a relationship. Hence, she isn’t involved in sex work and, of course, doesn’t have to pay taxes for such an income.

Rich men, in turn, don’t just pay for services that ladies provide—they have relationships with sugar babies and give gifts in exchange. Therefore, all money sugar daddies send to their sugar dates can and must be classified as gifts. 

What’s the gift tax rate?

The most important thing to consider is that a gifter owes taxes. 

A giftee doesn’t have to pay any taxes. Does it mean that a sugar daddy has to pay a tax for an offline or online sugar baby allowance they pay? Not exactly.

According to the IRS, a gifter doesn’t have to report any gifts if their cost doesn’t exceed 15 thousand dollars per year and per person. That means that if you have a few sugar babies and spend more than 15 thousand dollars on all of them but don’t spend more than 15 thousand dollars on each sugar baby, you still won’t have to report that. On top of that, they don’t have to report any medical expenses or tuition payments.

Basically, it means that sugar daddies who use sugar sites like Secret Benefits to find and date women, rarely pay any taxes, no matter how many sugar babies they are dating. If you try to find any news reports of sugar daddies who got in trouble with the law, you’ll hardly find them.

What if I used up my exclusions?

In most cases, the amount of sugar baby allowance doesn’t exceed $28,000 per year, and if it does, there’s a big chance that you won’t pay taxes anyway. For example, an allowance of $25,000 will just reduce your lifetime exemption from the estate tax (11,58 million dollars). In this case, it will be reduced to 11,55 million dollars. If you use up your exclusions (yes, all 11 million dollars), you’ll need to pay 18-40% gift tax.

Final thoughts—How to send sugar money?

Traditional sugar daddy stigma is almost gone. Sugar business is still in a gray area, but it’s legal. Anyone can easily find a granddaddy/sugar daddy website or a sugar daddy app, join it and use it. Finding a rich sugar daddy is not a problem for beautiful women anymore, and finding beautiful women is not a problem for wealthy men.  Best sugar dating sites such as SugarDaddy.com provide many services and give you all the tools you need to start a real sugar relationship online, but very few of them allow rich men to deposit and send money to SBs directly through the site.

That’s why finding the best sugar dating website or best of the best sugar daddy apps isn’t everything you should do to meet real or even digital sugar babies. Every wealthy man will need to contact women and discuss finances and payment methods. Now you know the information on the most popular payment systems, e-wallets, and platforms, so use it to choose your method, turn on your online sugar radar and enjoy the great online dating experience on a top sugar daddy dating site or sugar daddy app!


Do sugar daddies use PayPal?

PayPal is a convenient and easy way to transfer money, and some sugar daddies use it. In this case, you always need to be careful, regardless of how money is received. If any actions of the sugar daddy seem suspicious to you, it is better to refuse communication and payment.

Is the Cash App safe?

Cash App uses cutting-edge encryption and fraud detection technology to ensure your data and money are secure. It is a legal application with a vast audience and a user-friendly interface. However, we advise you to be careful regardless of the form of payment. Send and receive money only from people you trust.

Can you get scammed on Venmo?

Unfortunately, scammers do not stop trying to take other people’s money. However, the Venmo service provides multi-factor authentication; therefore, fraudsters can only gain access to your account through deception or hacking. For example, they might call you and pretend to be Venmo employees. Use Venmo carefully, and you will save your money.

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