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How Much To Pay Sugar Baby—Sugar Baby Allowance Guide

How Much To Pay Sugar Baby—Sugar Baby Allowance Guide

People who have heard about sugar dating at least once know that sugar babies are paid. But how much allowance do sugar babies get? How much to pay sugar baby? Do they earn millions or hundreds of dollars? What is the average price and who can afford to date such a woman?

In short, a sugar baby can get $200-600 per date or 1-5 thousand dollars (monthly sugar baby allowance). What determines and affects the price? What sugar babies ask for larger amounts and how many sugar daddies are ready to pay this much? Find all the answers here.

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What is sugar baby allowance?

Sugar baby allowance is the amount that a sugar daddy pays monthly in cash or via bank transfer. Is it the only type of reward for ladies? Not really. There is also a sugar baby allowance per visit also known as PPM—pay per meet. Some ladies also prefer to get gifts instead of money and travel with their sugar babies, and that’s totally acceptable and even appreciated by some sugar daddies. After all, that’s what you discuss before you start your sugar relationship.

sugar daddy with sugar baby in las vegas

PPM vs. Sugar daddy allowance—what works better? 

Let’s take a closer look at both types of payment:

Sugar allowances

Should a sugar baby ask for a monthly allowance? When it’s beneficial for a sugar daddy? 

A sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship, and allowance can be beneficial for a sugar daddy and a sugar baby if: 

  • they both are looking for a long-term relationship 
  • they both seek stability 
  • they do like each other and are sure that the next date won’t be the last date
  • a sugar baby wants a sugar daddy to pay bills (rent, college bills, in particular, full tuition, etc.).
sugar baby with sugar daddy on date


Payments for sugar dates are normal when a sugar baby asks for payment on the first date and why do sugar daddies agree to pay per meet? For a sugar baby, it’s just safer, especially if she meets a new sugar daddy. She has no guarantee that they both will like each other and start a sugar relationship, which is why she can’t be sure that she isn’t wasting her time. For sugar daddies, it’s beneficial because if they don’t want to meet a sugar baby too often, they don’t have to pay the average allowance, which starts from $1,000 per month.  So, if a sugar baby asks for $200-$300 per date and you pay to have 2 dates per month with her, PPM will be better for you too even if you will pay for fancy dinners, too.

sugar baby in restaraunt

Note that there are also variations of both mentioned types of payment. In fact, every sugar couple decides what exactly will work for both of them. Here are some short tips for you to understand what type of payment will work better in your case:

  • If you are dating a few sugar babies, choose pay per meet.
  • If you want to meet an ideal sugar date and start a lasting relationship with her, choose a monthly allowance.
  • If you want to spend a week or two with a girl, negotiate. Maybe she’ll agree to receive weekly payments.

How much allowance do sugar babies get?

People say they “earn a lot”, but what is the actual sugar baby allowance range? Let’s talk about a monthly allowance. As we’ve already noted, sugar daddy allowances ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. Yes, the gap is huge, and very few ladies actually get 5 thousand dollars a month. The average sugar baby allowance is $2,000-$2,500—most sugar babies ask for this amount on Secret Benefits and SugarDaddy.com.

sugar baby enjoys sugar dating

And what about pay per meet? Again, the costs vary. Average sugar baby asks for about $200-$300, and there are sugar babies who ask for $500-600. We’ll also provide the table with the min, average, and max prices below.

What type of relationships is she looking for?

There is another important thing that also affects the price—this is the type of sugar dating. ​​According to Maren Shcull, PhD assistant professor at University of Colorado Denver, there are 7 types of sugar relationships (all the types are classified in order from price, from the highest to the lowest):

  1. Compensated dating—an Asian phenomenon—a girl visits events, parties, dinners with partners, etc. with you, and gets paid.
  2. Platonic—meetings, messaging, regular dates without sex (according to research, four out of ten women never having sex with their benefactors).
  3. “Sugar prostitution”—not exactly sugar dating, sex without companionship.
  4. Non-exclusive—a sugar daddy doesn’t mind an SB dating other partners.
  5. Classic sugar dating—mutually beneficial relationships that incorporate companionship, intimacy, and other parts of traditional romantic relationships and, of course, money.
  6. Lasting—long-term relationship with one sugar daddy/sugar baby.
  7. Exclusive—a sugar baby isn’t seeing other men (a sugar daddy can still be married, though).
sugar baby flirting

So, how much money you should spend on a girl? A platonic relationship is less expensive, as well as a non-exclusive relationship. If it’s compensated dating, you always pay a particular amount of money per meeting. If a sugar daddy wants to start a lasting and/or exclusive relationship, he usually pays a fixed amount of money per month.

Sugar baby allowance guide: how much should a sugar daddy pay?

As you can see, there are no fixed prices or anything like that—in most cases, partners decide how much a daddy will pay and how much a baby will get, respectively. However, in some cities babies get more and daddies pay more; here are the “top places” in terms of sugar dating spendings below.

  • Miami—$6,166
  • New York—$5,692
  • Los Angeles—$5,448
  • Las Vegas—$5,306
  • Hartford—$5,243
  • Scottsdale—$5,102
  • Seattle—$4,983
  • Dallas—$4,721
  • Boston—$4,721
  • Cleveland—$4,620

It doesn’t mean you will spend the biggest money if you live in Miami, but this is a clear map of sugar babies’ possible expectations which are understandable—to live a dreamy life in bigger cities is expensive enough. Still, there are women with different ambitions in any city, so it won’t be a problem to find a partner who shares your view of a perfect sugar relationship.

sugar dating outdoors

Now we’d like to share with you the expenses you can face if you choose PPM sugar dating and the ones that relate to monthly allowance. Find the best variant for yourself with this sugar baby allowance calculator for both payment ways.

PPM: All calculations

The three most common types of dates in PPM sugar dating (platonic, standard, and overnight) are discussed below in terms of allowance per one: you will see what is included in each of them and what are the average sums daddies pay in big and small cities.

TypeWhat is includedPrices in big citiesPrices in smaller cities
Platonic (4-8 hours)
  • Dinner/lunch/public date
  • Gifts
  • Communication
Standard (4-6 hours)
  • All above mentioned
  • Sexual interaction
Overnight (12+ hours)
  • All above mentioned
  • Sexual interaction
  • Staying with a partner for a night or several days

Monthly allowance: All calculations

Here are the expenses for the allowance per month. Some men also choose to pay per week, as this is a bit more convenient: you can consider this variant too. To find out the weekly prices, divide the sums we provide in the table by four.

TypeWhat is includedPrices in big citiesPrices in smaller cities
  • Dates several times per month
  • Dinner/lunch dates
  • Gifts
  • Occasional public dates
  • Traveling
$1,000-$3,000Around $2,000
  • All the above mentioned
  • Sexual interaction
  • Dates 3+ times per month (possible platonic meetings)
  • Larger gifts for special occasions
  • Shopping trips
  • All the above mentioned
  • Meeting 5+ times a month (possible platonic meetings)
  • Rent/apartment
  • Special demands related to sex or relationship status, etc. 
  • Meeting 1 per week on average

How much cash to give for a date? Consider the factors that affect the price and decide if you want to pay the lowest or highest price for a standard sugar or platonic sugar relationship. 

sugar daddy giving sugar baby allowance

What factors should you consider? They are listed below.

Less or more money? What else affects the price?

The type of relationship is undoubtedly the essential factor, but there are plenty of other things that affect the amount a daddy pays per date or the size of allowance. If you’re seeking arrangements and try to set the right price, consider the following, too:

  • An SB’s profession and level of education. The more educated she is, the higher the price.
  • An SB’s appearance. Of course, ladies who look like top models want sugar daddies to pay more.
  • Location. For example, if you’re living in San Francisco or New York, an average allowance will be higher than in a small city.
  • Age. On sugar websites, you can meet older and younger dates. Younger SBs usually earn more than older ones.
  • Distance. If a sugar baby lives far away from a sugar daddy, he’ll need to compensate transport costs, too.
  • Specific preferences. If an SD is looking for something special, not typically associated with standard sugar dating, the price may be higher.
sugar baby in hotel room

Discussing the financial side of sugar dating sites

A sugar baby may ask for a pre-paid card, ask for PPM for the first 3 dates and then agree to receive an allowance, etc. Again, when you meet a lady on the sites like Secret Benefits or SugarDaddy.com with a good sugar baby profile and contact her, if you are setting up a date, and even if you don’t know each other well enough yet, you still can and actually should discuss financial compensation.

On top of that, you can initiate this conversation at the very beginning—a sugar baby is likely to be happy to get such a message from you just because it’s pretty hard for ladies to initiate conversations about money themselves, especially for beginners.

Bonus tips

It’s okay for a sugar baby to ask to cover her living expenses. And it’s okay for a sugar daddy to ask questions about the exact amount. Make sure she’s honest about them—don’t rely on vague terms, find out what the actual price is.

You can cover or not cover other expenses of an SB. It’s totally up to a sugar daddy to make extra payments or not unless that was a requirement that you’ve discussed.

sugar baby with wine

Looking for an arrangement? Don’t act like a Salt/Splenda daddy

Note that most babies try to avoid two types of daddies at all costs. The first one is a Salt daddy—sugar daddy says that he doesn’t mind paying $10,000 and giving her a Rolls-Royce, but isn’t going to pay a penny. His only motivation is free sex.

The second one is a Splenda daddy—in the sugaring community, it’s a man who’d like to spoil women but doesn’t have enough money to pay for that fancy lifestyle. IN other words, this is a guy who has an average income. He’s likely to take an SB to a cafe instead of a fancy restaurant on the first date and pay much less than a sugar daddy usually pays.

If a girl thinks a man is a Salt daddy or just doesn’t have enough money to be a benefactor, she’ll avoid him at all cost, so don’t give too generous yet empty promises and feel free to tell the truth about your income.

How much should a sugar daddy pay for pictures?

Usually, sugar daddies don’t pay extra money for pictures, texting, and other ‘extra’ types of online communication—normally, this is just a part of sugar dating, which is closer to traditional dating than most people think. 

The only exception is virtual sugar dating when a sugar baby is dating a sugar daddy but they never meet in person. However, even in this case, a sugar baby usually gets a fixed amount of money for communication that includes texting, often sexting, exchanging photos, and virtual sex. Nonetheless, just like anything else in the sugar world, this can be a matter of discussion—just don’t expect a sugar daddy to pay a lot for each picture sent, most men would prefer to buy an Only Fans subscription. 

Do sugar babies pay taxes?

In most cases, no, they don’t. The thing is, in compensated dating, everything that one party (namely a sugar daddy) gives to another party (a sugar baby) is considered a gift. So, if you’re getting gifts, there’s no need to even think about the taxes unless you receive more than $15,000 from one person a year. 

Even if you receive more, a donor is the one who files a gift tax return and is responsible for paying tax. Moreover, if the cost of the gifts is $15,000 and more a year but still doesn’t exceed the lifetime maximum (which is now $12.06 million), a giver needs to report the gift, but they won’t have to pay tax on it until they give more than $12 million. 

So, as you can see, a sugar baby will hardly pay any tax anyway, especially considering that most sugar babies and sugar daddies prefer to use untraceable payment methods.


We wrote this sugar baby allowance guide to help you understand how much sugar babies really get. It depends on tons of factors, in particular, on the type of arrangement, the average income in your city, type of payment, etc. Sugar daters should negotiate and decide what type of arrangement and payment works for them, make a choice between pay per meet and allowance, payments in cash or bank transfers, gifts, etc. You should talk about that with your sugar partner—this is the only way to get those ideal sugar relationships many are dreaming about.


Do sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies?

There are different sugar relationships, and they don’t always involve sex—for example, platonic relationships, friendships, and escorts. Ideally, you need to discuss what type of relationship you want and are looking for in the first message. If you spend 1-2 months searching, you will find a relationship that suits you.

Do sugar daddies ask for money?

The role of a sugar daddy in a relationship is to help with money, but not to ask. If the sugar daddy asks for cash before the meeting, we recommend looking for another man. Often, such requests are scams, even if the pretext seems realistic to you. Even a small amount of money and little financial information can give him access to your accounts.

Should I deposit a check from a sugar daddy?

Never accept a check or enter into a contract requiring you to make a down payment to receive a check. It is a common form of fraud that can lead to dire consequences. For example, you may have to pay the total amount of a fake check.

Allison Robin
Allison is an ex-social worker with over 5 years of experience, and it’s exactly what helps her create the content that will be helpful and comprehensive for a beginner, as well as for an experienced sugar dater. Her specialization is sugar guides, where she shares the most effective algorithms for solving problems, finding sugar partners, and more.
  1. The fact is, a Sugar Daddy is escorting, you can put whatever cherry on top of this to dress it up to look good but it’s just escorting. If more ladies were smart enough they could take advantage of these successful men to help them become independent themselves. They have connections and could open doors. The last girl I was with I helped her start her own business and now she takes home close to $500K a year. I was happy to watch her bloom under my direction and although we aren’t together anymore we are good and I am very happy to be a part of her success. I’d love to do that again for someone.

  2. I’m new onthis sugar daddy and I agreed that he would pay me an allowance per month. The number of meetings depends on his schedule. Sometimes more… sometimes less. But I always know the sum I will receive at the end of the month.


  3. Thank you for the article. I made sure I got a decent allowance.) My man pays me $2,500 a month. My friends also receive $1500-$3000. It seems like a good amount to me considering I only spend 3 weekends per month with my sugar daddy.

  4. My sugar daddy and I agreed that he would pay me an allowance per month. The number of meetings depends on his schedule. Sometimes more… sometimes less. But I always know the sum I will receive at the end of the month.

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