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How To Be A Sugar Daddy? Rules And Tips To Being A Good Sugar Daddy

How To Be A Sugar Daddy? Rules And Tips To Being A Good Sugar Daddy

How to be a good sugar daddy? Some would say that you need nothing but money, but it’s not exactly true. In this guide, you’ll find tips on how to be a good sugar daddy and information about different types of sugar relationships, friends with benefits, and no strings attached.

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How does a sugar daddy work?

If you came here to learn more about sugar daddy dating, we definitely don’t need to explain the benefits of mutually beneficial relationships to you. However, you need to know how to go from being a regular wealthy man to being the best sugar daddy that beautiful young women could ever want. These are the 10 tips that will help you win over potential sugar babies.

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1. What you need to become a sugar daddy

There are still not too many sugar daddy dating sites that have verified sugar daddies, so most wealthy men don’t have to provide their bank statements or prove their financial situation in any other way.

However, there are still a few things you cannot succeed without as an aspiring best sugar daddy. Here are five of those things:

  • A sugar daddy site account. You can start with a site like Secret Benefits or SugarDaddy.com, where the male to female ratio works in your favor, or try one of the newer sugar daddy sites such as Sugar Daddy Meet with a smaller audience but more special features.
  • A paid account. The best sugar daddy sites make it hard for men to succeed with a free membership. For example, you won’t be able to video chat with the girls, and messaging will also be very limited for you.
  • A burner phone. Even with the top sugar daddy websites in the industry, you definitely don’t want to share your main phone number, either for signing up for a sugar daddy site or for testing with the potential sugar babies.
  • A bunch of new photos. Unless you want everyone on your social media accounts to potentially know you are using sugar daddy websites, you need to be discreet. Take several selfies and don’t upload them anywhere but the sugar daddy site of your choice.
  • Time and confidence. Even using the best sugar daddy site or the largest sugar daddy platform does not guarantee that younger women will get in line to become your sugar baby. You need to be confident, proactive, and not expect things to happen overnight.

2. How to be successful on sugar daddy sites

Using an online dating site or a special sugar daddy site has the same techniques and tips for success. You should remember that even though the best sugar daddy sites, like Ashley Madison, Secret Benefits, or SugarDaddy.com, have several times more sugar babies than sugar daddies, the competition for the best babies is still pretty stiff.

The key to succeeding is not relying on generic pickup lines or adding a woman’s profile to your favorites and expecting her to react to that. Instead, if you want a woman on a sugar dating site to notice you, you need to send her a message that will attract her attention.

The best way to achieve that is to use something you saw on her sugar site profile. It can be her favorite band, a dream travel destination, her relationship likes or dislikes, or anything else she mentioned on her sugar website profile. When she realizes that you’ve taken the time to review her profile, she’ll be more likely to take you seriously.

Also, consider the following tips:

  1. If there’s a profile boost, pay a bit more to get that premium badge—sugar babies are somewhat skeptical of men who claim to be able to pay an allowance but aren’t ready to spend some extra money on a special status on the site.
  2. Don’t focus on looks only—that’s how you can waste a lot of time on approaching hot but wrong women. 
  3. Again, add good photos—it’s just an easy way to stand out. You can take selfies as we previously recommended or just add your pictures to a Secret Album. 
  4. Don’t start with promises—a sugar baby is likely to think that a man who wants to convince her that he has a lot of money is just a Salt daddy.

3. How long should you talk online?

There is no arguing that online dating can be a lifesaver for all kinds of relationships. Even people who haven’t had much luck in the dating department before can now achieve more with the help of online dating.

And in the case of a sugar relationship, what you need is a sugar daddy website. Ashley MadisonSugarDaddy.com, and Sugar Daddy Meet are good places to start, but they are not the only ones that can claim to be the best sugar daddy sites.

However, there is a downside to dating on sugar sites as well. Online dating on a sugar daddy dating site makes it easy for anyone to be witty and charming. You can become embroiled in an online romance with unexpected results.

When you spend a long time talking to someone online using the best sugar dating sites, you can become infatuated with them before meeting them in real life. And the first real-life meeting can turn out to be so disappointing that you end up realizing that you’ve wasted all this time for nothing.

This is why it’s best to minimize the time you spend communicating online, even with the best sugar daddy websites like Ashley Madison or Secret Benefits and the number of messages you exchange. Once you find someone whose photos you like and who’s up for a meeting, it can be a good idea to see each other right away.

sugar baby happy because of good sugar daddy

4. Where and how to plan the first meeting?

The golden rule of online dating, not just sugar relationships, is that your first real-life meeting should only take place in a public location. You also shouldn’t expect any intimate activity during the first meet and greet, which is another argument in favor of a public venue.

A coffee shop or a bar is a good option to do it because you can have a quick drink and leave politely if you are not feeling a connection, whereas a restaurant is not ideal because you’ll have a long meal to sit through.

What about the gifts and flowers? It’s always appreciated but absolutely optional. If you do like a sugar baby and want to impress her, buy flowers and a small cute gift (just don’t buy lingerie for the first date)—that’s how she’ll understand you’re serious about your relationship, can really afford it, and most importantly, generous enough to spoil her not only with an allowance but also with some extra gifts just because you like her.

5. When to negotiate the payments?

For many sugar daddies, the question of payment is somewhat awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. In this section, we are not going to discuss how much money you should give to female sugar babies, but when to discuss the financial details of your arrangement.

The important thing to remember here is that there isn’t a universally acceptable way to do it. Some partners prefer to do it before the first meet and greet, others use the first date for that, and for some couples, it takes two or three M&G’s to work out the arrangements.

Another essential thing is that the sugar baby shouldn’t ask for any money upfront, with the exception of money she’ll use to get to the date. However, if you consider yourself to be the best sugar daddy, you can bring one or two first date gifts.

6. When is it appropriate to pay?

We have already established that the payment details of your sugar arrangement should be discussed upfront, but when is the right time to pay your sugar baby? At the early stages of the relationship, the only appropriate form of payment is cash, and while the relationship is not yet intimate, you can handle the payment after the date.

Once your arrangement enters the intimate stage, the money should be given after the official part of the date but before you remove your date’s clothing. The etiquette in this situation is to leave the money in an envelope on top of the drawer, not hand it directly.

7. Getting closer with sugar babies

The essence of most sugar relationships is intimacy, so this aspect of your relationship will come up sooner or later. Generally, most couples see each other for the first time during a meet and greet, and if they click, the next date can be an intimate one.

Your potential sugar baby can insist on waiting until the real date, and in the meantime, no one can stop you from meeting other beautiful younger women. There are so many attractive women who don’t mind all the aspects of a sugar arrangement that you may not need to waste time on a sugar girl who keeps you waiting.

Here are some more tips that will help you not to put too much pressure and still get some sugar:

  1. The first date can get intimate, but it’s not a must for a sugar baby—so give hints to find out if you can expect it, and if not (it’s normal for a girl to want to get to know you a bit better first) you can negotiate the price if you choose PPM.
  2. If a girl obviously tries to prolong the online dating period and asks for gifts, finding lots of excuses to meet you in real life, she’s likely to be a scammer. 
  3. Honesty is the key and the main benefit of having a sugar relationship—you have a right to talk about sex directly. Just make sure you’re at the stage when you both feel comfortable.

8. Intimate date etiquette

Intimacy is something that comes naturally for most regular relationships, but when it comes to a sugar relationship, additional negotiation and preparation are needed. In the world of sugar dates, the only appropriate venue for an intimate date is a hotel.

You may imagine having the first date at your home, but from the perspective of a young woman who decided to be a sugar baby, going to the homes of successful men after just getting to know them is not the safest idea. After the first few hotel dates, you can move on to spending time at home.

9. Moving the relationship further

If you have a long-term sugar arrangement in mind, not just a one-off sugar date, you will eventually need to discuss the details of the further arrangement. The more time you spend together, the less strict the guidelines of your relationship may be.

For example, if you are a sugar daddy who insists on having multiple call girls, you may change your mind if you realize that one sugar baby is taking care of all your needs. In that case, you may need to increase her allowance, but it’s usually worth it in the end.

10. Taking care of each other’s safety

Established men are always in the position of power compared to sugar babies, so while you are facing certain risks, which will be discussed later in this article, you also need to invest some effort into making your sugar partner feel secure.

In addition to meeting in the hotel for the first few times and keeping the details of your discreet relationship from others, you also need to think about protection during your intimate session. As two adults, you need to openly discuss an appropriate method of protection and stick to it.

sugar baby and sugar daddy in love

How much does it cost to be a sugar daddy?

Can any man become a sugar daddy? No, things just don’t work like that—there are particular sugar daddy qualifications. Let’s start with the prices.

So how much does it cost to be a sugar daddy, who is a typical sugar daddy, and how much to pay sugar baby? The top 5 jobs for sugar daddies include lawyer, surgeon, corporate executive, entertainment industry executive, and politician.

Most sugar daddies earn about $250,000 yearly and spend about $30,000 a year ($2,500 a month) on a sugar baby if this is a long-term sugar relationship and they pay a monthly allowance.

Besides the monthly allowance, the sugar daddy may pay for his baby’s clothes and beauty procedures, restaurant dates, traveling together, and gifts to the girl.

If it’s pay per meet, the costs vary greatly. Most sugar babies ask for $300 per date. You can find out more about the payment aspect of a sugar arrangement from our guide.

The 7 types of sugar daddies

If you are new to the concept of sugar daddy sites, you may not know exactly what sugar relationships entail and can simply imagine them as rich men paying beautiful women for dating. However, sugar daddy relationships can be more complex than that, and here are the 7 types of sugar daddies to know about.

Traditional sugar daddy

A traditional sugar daddy is a wealthy man who supports at least one younger woman in exchange for company, intimacy, traveling together, or all of the above. Some wealthy men support more than one younger woman.

Pay-per-meet sugar daddy

This is a great arrangement for wealthy men who are too busy for a more traditional arrangement. They have one or more young American or foreign women who are always available for a call and receive a pay-per-meet reward rather than a monthly allowance.

Mentor sugar daddy

Sugar babies are often imagined as young and free women, but there are lots of ambitious, career-oriented babies who don’t mind being mentored by successful men. This is sometimes known as business dating and can benefit a woman’s career.

Online sugar daddy

The sugar dating community is very diverse, and for some sugar daddies, an online relationship is more than enough. They will financially support a sugar baby in exchange for regular chats, phone calls, or video chat sessions—for example, when they’re often away.

Exclusive sugar daddy

An exclusive sugar daddy is someone who wants only one sugar baby and expects her to also have just one sugar partner. This mutually beneficial arrangement is usually more than worth it to the woman and gives both a necessary level of attachment.

Platonic sugar daddy

Some wealthy men are attracted to the concept of sugar dating and the balance of power in the arrangement but are not interested in the intimacy aspect of these relationships. They only want to meet for dates or travel together without spending the night.

Physical-only sugar daddy

In this arrangement, the sugar babies are essentially call girls. The arrangement can be a pay-per-meet or involve a monthly allowance, but it does not include dates, social outings, or traveling together—only limited intimate sessions.

What does a sugar daddy do?

Of course, it’s not just about money. It’s still dating, and there are some rules that sugar daddies should follow not only to attract more sugar babies but also to enjoy their relationship without guilt or any other negative emotions. Here are some tips for them.

  1. Don’t confuse sugar dating with sex work. Some researchers say that the sugar relationship script incorporated the expectation that partners develop authentic feelings for one another and enjoy spending time together—that is the essential part of sugar dating. Even in a short-term relationship, being nice to your partner, enjoying that affection improves the experience. And putting pressure on a sugar baby is a wrong strategy.
  2. Entertainment matters. Sugar dating is also about dinners at restaurants, attending events together, travels, etc. Every sugar daddy chooses the activities he likes more, but again, it’s not only about having a few drinks and then having sex.
  3. Being a gentleman is always appreciated. Contrary to popular belief, ladies become sugar babies not only because of money but also because they want to be treated like princesses. No, you don’t serenade your sugar baby all the time, but being nice, romantic, passionate is the right strategy.
  4. Meet your financial obligations. A sugar baby has duties, and so does the sugar daddy. Pay on time, pay as much as she expects you to pay unless you want to add some tips. 
  5. Indicate your special requirements clearly. That goes for everything, frequency of dates, intimacy, taboos, etc. For example, if you’re married and don’t want your wife to know about your affair, give a sugar baby the list of all the don’ts for all the situations. If you’re looking for an exclusive relationship and don’t tolerate any other guys, let her know, and don’t forget to ask her about the things she is and isn’t into. 
sugar baby near car

These are the basic rules, but the thing is, a sugar daddy should also choose the right type of relationship that would work for him personally.

Pros and cons of being a sugar daddy

An ideal sugar relationship is when both parties are on the same page about the terms of the arrangement and have an agreement about its terms. Unfortunately, things don’t always work like that. Here are the pros and cons of being a sugar daddy.


  • A relationship on your own terms. You get to decide how many sugar babies you want to have, how often you want to meet, and how much you want to spend.
  • An eye and arm candy. Sugar babies are young, beautiful women who make ideal companions to important social functions or luxury vacations.
  • No strings attached. You can begin and end relationships whenever you want without worrying about anyone’s hurt feelings.


  • No usual relationship perks. A sugar partner isn’t going to cook you breakfast, make sure your shirt is ironed before work, or call you during lunch to ask you how your day is.
  • Not everyone approves of your relationship. Sugar arrangements are still somewhat taboo in our society, so you probably won’t be able to introduce your partner to most of your friends or family members.

Friends with benefits vs. no strings attached

Modified friends with benefits and modified no strings attached are some of the most popular forms of sugar arrangements. So how can a sugar daddy distinguish one from the other?

  • FWB—in this relationship, you focus on friendship and sex
  • No strings attached—in this relationship, you are still companions, but you completely understand that you can’t be actual romantic partners

In both cases, partners enjoy spending time with each other, and the difference is that in an FWB relationship, you still get much closer than in an NSA relationship.

No strings attached rules for an SD to follow

If you choose no strings attached (in most cases, these are short-term relationships with sugar babies), you need to know some rules:

  • Don’t let yourself fall in love if you want to keep the NSA relationship.
  • Make sure that a sugar baby isn’t looking for long-term relationships.
  • Be honest and don’t hesitate to tell her what you really want.
  • Control the time you spend together—regular dates are acceptable, but texting 24/7 is not about NSA.

Note that NSA is not about feelings. Sex shouldn’t be the only thing that keeps you together, just because if you pay per meet and have sex without any other interaction, this falls under the category of sex work.

The risks in sugar dating

For obvious reasons, sugar arrangements are more dangerous to women than to men. Even the BBC has published some guides and docs for women to stay safe. However, there are also some risks that men face, and here are the top 3.

Online scam

When trying to attract beautiful women online, you sometimes tend to share too much personal information or be careless with your financial data. Unfortunately, this gives online scammers plenty of opportunities to steal your identity or money.

Offline scam

Even once you meet someone you expect to be a sugar partner, she may turn out to be someone different. Sugar baby scammers have been known to steal men’s money, IDs, important papers, or threaten to expose the arrangement to the public.

Attachment issues

Whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar mama, you probably have something very casual and short-term in mind. However, it’s not uncommon for sugar daddies to develop an emotional attachment to their partners and want exclusive, long-term relationships, which may not be something many sugar babies wish to.


So, what does a sugar daddy do? Dating, enjoying the type of relationship you really want, getting intimate or not getting intimate depending on what you want, that’s all about being a sugar daddy. So, how to do everything right? Just follow the tips above, use the best sugar daddy sites, and you’ll have a great experience.

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