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Cougar Life Dating Site Review: Still Got It In 2022?

Cougar Life Dating Site Review: Still Got It In 2022?

Cougar Life is a dating site for mature women interested in dating younger men and vice versa. Younger men are called “cubs” and mature ladies are called “cougars”—that’s what the website’s name implies. Created in 2006, Cougar Life is one of the oldest dating sites in this category—and the key question we wanted to answer before writing this review was, “Is this dating website still as good as it was?”

We’ve tested everything about this dating site to answer this question—messaging, search, profile quality, safety, customer support, and just about everything else. Read this Cougar Life review to find out what we’ve found!

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CougarLife website overview

Cougar Life is one of the best places to find a sugar partner. The team of our site decided to find out whether the popularity of this site is justified as well as if it’s worth your attention. To do that, we bought a subscription and conducted our investigation. So let’s see what Cougar Life is and how it works.

📈 Visits per month:323K
✅ Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:87%
🌍 Most used in:US, UK, and Canada

Popular Cougar Life profiles

What we liked

  • Many active users
  • Modern design and nice online dating services
  • Availability of a mobile application
  • Ability to delete Cougar Life account easily 
  • A huge number of profiles

What we didn’t like

  • A small selection of credit packages
  • The primary audience of the site is the USA
  • Not many users in small US cities

The site is good for

  • Sugar baby women looking for sugar daddies and mommies
  • Sugar baby men looking for sugar daddies and mommies
  • People who are interested in online dating

Membership structure

According to various sources, Cougar Life claims to have more than 7,000,000 customers. It’s no surprise the number of users is so large—after all, that’s what one could expect from a dating website launched in 2006. However, it’s not so clear with the number of users on this dating site.

The point is, the real number of unique monthly visitors Cougar Life has is far from 7,000,000. At the time of writing, this dating site has around 128,000 monthly visitors—still a good result, but it’s like 54 times less than 7 million! We can justify this by saying that the number of active users is always much lower than the total number of members—but it’s still something you need to know about.

As for the demographics, everything is exactly as you could expect from a cougar dating site. The majority of the site’s members are younger men in their 20s and 30s—according to various web analytic tools, approximately 60-70% of the website audience are males aged 24-34. Most women are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, but there are also thousands of female members in their 20s here—quite surprising for a platform positioning itself as a cougar dating site.

To start the registration process on Cougar Life, you need to click “View members now.” After that, you’ll be presented with a simple registration form. You’ll need to enter:


  • Your username
  • Relationship status
  • Password
  • Location
  • Postal code
  • Date of birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Email address

The email address must be valid (you’ll need to verify it later). Then, upload a photo—don’t forget that your posture matters, upload some full body pictures and face shots, and make sure your photo says something about your personality (that’s called “signaling” and that’s how you provide additional information about you to those viewing your pictures).

Creating a Cougar Life account is fast, simple, and the process is pretty much like on all the other dating sites. There is no questionnaire, no photo/ID verification, nothing like that—your Cougar Life account will be ready to use in 1 minute.

Search & Filters

Once your Cougar Life account is set up, you start searching for members. The number of search filters is not the most important factor to evaluate when it comes to choosing a dating site, but it’s still essential—you surely don’t want to waste hours searching for a woman or man who meets your requirements.

So, you click “Discover” and then the settings button. The search filters available are:

  • Age range
  • Search location/search within
  • Relationship goals
  • Private/public photos.

If you want to get more search options, click “More”—such filters as ethnicity, body type, and height are hidden there. All the search filters are free on Cougar Life, all of them work as expected, and there’s nothing more to say about them, actually.


Unlike search filters, the quality of profiles is one of the most important things to talk about in a dating site review—and this Cougar Life review is not an exception.

The thing we liked most about the profiles on Cougar Life is that they look real. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to offend other cougar dating sites here—it just looks strange when 100% of profiles on a dating website look like Victoria’s Secret angels.

Cougar Life is for those who want to meet real people. The members of Cougar Life are attractive and good-looking, but they don’t look like top models—all those attractive women and handsome younger men look real and are real.

As for the quality of profiles—it could’ve been better. There are many Cougar Life profiles with 1-2 photos and a poor profile bio/description—according to what we’ve seen, it’s like 60% good profiles and 40% not-so-good ones.

That’s not the strongest side of this online dating platform, to be honest. However, it’s another thing that adds to reality and makes Cougar Life a real place with real people. There are little to no good online dating platforms with 100% detailed and active profiles—that’s just not how real dating websites work. Cougar Life, on the other hand, looks like a real online dating platform where real people make real profiles, be it detailed or poorly written ones. 

Communication features

Cougar Life doesn’t offer a video chat or an extraordinary live chat with all those bells and whistles. However, we can’t say that the assortment of features it has is too small—Cougar Life has everything you need from an online dating platform. Here’s how you communicate with other members on this site: 

  • Send a message. It’s a standard communication tool for online dating platforms, nothing extraordinary here.
  • Send Wink.
  • Like a profile.
  • Request a private key to view the private photos of a member (by default, you can only view their public photos)

Prices & Free options

Cougar Life is a dating website for older women dating younger men. However, it’s not like other cougar dating sites regarding the free and paid options. While many other dating sites in this industry are completely free for “cubs” (younger men), that’s not how this cougar dating site works.

Cougar Life is not free for younger men and it’s not paid for older women. Everything is the opposite here—older women can use Cougar Life for free, while men need to pay for it. The same is about men seeking men and women seeking women—they all need to pay for Cougar Life.

Free version of Cougar Life

But it’s not like you can’t use this platform at all if you don’t have a premium membership. Here’s the list of free options available to Cougar Life users:

  • Registration
  • Search
  • Profile editing
  • Sending winks, likes, and adding members to Favorites
  • Browsing profiles and viewing public photos
  • Reading the Cougar Life blog and contacting customer support

All the free features on this cougar dating site are good enough—we haven’t experienced any difficulty trying to figure out how the system works. It’s pretty intuitive, and these tools and services allowed us to understand who exactly we can meet on Cougar Life, evaluate the quality of profiles, and find people we’d like to talk to. However, as you can see, though we could make someone notice us by sending a wink, as one of the male users, we couldn’t initiate any conversations.

Paid version of Cougar Life

In other words, sending messages is not free—you’ll have to buy credits to access this feature. Here’s how much credits cost on Cougar Life:

  • 100 credits—$30
  • 500 credits—$100
  • 1,000 credits—$150 (+free profile highlighting)

You’ll exchange credits for initiating contact, sending messages, or sending Priority mails (highlighted messages). Here’s how much it costs:

  • Sending a message and unlocking a conversation—5 credits
  • Sending a “Priority” mail—10 credits
  • Opening 1 collect message—5 credits

Did Cougar Life set reasonable prices? For us, it’s one of the niche dating sites with a pretty good pricing policy. There are a lot of platforms that make you pay for each message sent to another user, and fortunately, CougarLife isn’t one of them. We bought the mid-price package for 100 dollars and spent them all on conversations. We didn’t send too many Priority Mails—there were only 3 mature women who didn’t reply to our messages, so we used this feature to make them notice us (2 of them then replied), so it cost us 30 credits out of 500. Many more credits were spent on unlocking conversations with 30+ potential matches and reading messages sent by others, and we still have 210 credits left on our account. Not all of those conversations actually went somewhere, but we could have at least 7 real dates if that was what we’ve been looking for.

Does Cougar Life work and is it expensive? Yes, it works, and it’s even cheaper than many other online dating sites, including various sugar dating services. You can see your balance, have free access to profiles, and can understand whether you are ready to spend your 5 credits on unlocking a conversation with this particular user or not. If you make wise choices, 500 credits will be enough for you to communicate for at least 2 months.

cougarlife prices


Cougar Life is safe. But can we call it a 100% safe cougar dating platform?

No—but it’s not the Cougar Life‘s problem. There are no 100% safe dating sites right now—all of them have some fake accounts, unfortunately. However, the Cougar Life team does its best to protect the customers. Their blog has a lot of good posts on safety, their tips on security and privacy are pretty helpful, and they block suspicious/fake profiles fast. Just remember that it’s only you who can protect yourself—so never send money to the members of this site, never provide your financial information, and be careful with phishing emails.

User experience on Cougar Life app and website


I joined the Cougar Life website six months ago. During this time, I had many meetings with different men and was in a relationship with a SD who met all my requirements. I texted him first. He said he was looking for a dominant girl. It suited me 😉 Our relationship lasted about 2 months; he regularly helped me with money. It was fun, but he moved to another city, and now I’m looking for a mate again.


My experience with Cougar Life messages has been generally positive. Right after signing up, I started texting handsome and successful sugar daddies. They didn’t always answer me, but two weeks later, I got a match. We talked every day before work and after. Then he offered to meet. It was spectacular. We agreed on a mutually beneficial relationship. So far, everything is great.


I came to Cougar Life looking for a sugar baby because one of my friends suggested that I try it, and I met Emily a couple of days after I started using the site. So fast, wow! She texted me first. We talked almost all night. I told her that I was married. For her, that was not a problem. Within a week, we started dating. We meet primarily on trips and weekends, and I’m happy with that.

What do experts have to say about Cougar Life?

The Cougar Life is a great service for people who live in the USA. In fact, it’s hard to find a site with such an active community. Another advantage of the service is its thoughtfulness. It is easy to use and start a conversation. Thus, it will be easier for you to find your person from various contacts.’

‘I would recommend Cougar Life to anyone interested in sugar dating. It is a very user-friendly platform with many search filters where you can easily find the right partner.’

Tips for using the site

We have collected the ultimate tips for people who don’t know how to use sugar sites. So let’s take a brief look at those. 

  1. Look at the profiles on the site. Which of them drag your attention? Get inspired by other users’ profiles and create your own.
  2. Message the users who visited the site last week. Messaging users who were active recently will significantly increase your chances of getting a response.
  3. Don’t start the conversation with “Hi. How are you?” Most people don’t like it, so you have to come up with something more creative.
  4. Stay optimistic. Failure on dating sites is typical. Keep it in mind and continue your search. In this case, success is inevitable. 
  5. Visit the dating site regularly. If you do not visit the sugar platform often and rarely reply to messages, you won’t get closer to your goal. So use the site at least 1-2 times a week, and you will surely meet someone.

Conclusion: is it worth using Cougar Life?

Cougar Life dating platform has a modern design, good features, as well as a great user-friendly application. New users join this platform daily, so they have many chances to find a sugar partner fast and stress-free.

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