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Who Is A Sugar Daddy? A Sugar Dating Primer For Daddies And Babies

Who Is A Sugar Daddy? A Sugar Dating Primer For Daddies And Babies

Sugar daddy sites gained popularity within the last two decades and now take up a considerable portion of online dating websites. If you’re interested in mutually beneficial relationships but have no idea how to become a sugar daddy or where to find one, this guide will answer all your questions.

What is a sugar daddy?

Cambridge Dictionary defines a sugar daddy as “a rich and usually older man who buys presents for or gives money to a younger person, especially a woman, usually so that the younger person will spend time with him and have a sexual relationship with him”. Urban Dictionary’s definition is more succinct: “boyfriend who comes with financial benefits”.In recent years, the term has also become popular as a synonym for “generous benefactor”.

sugar daddy dating sugar baby

Where to find a sugar daddy?

Niche sugar dating apps are the best way to find a sugar baby or daddy, as they account for the specific needs of people seeking mutually beneficial relationships. After thorough online research and testing every popular sugar daddy app, we’ve selected a few with a good reputation, helpful features, and solid security protocols.

1. Secret Benefits

secret benefits

With around 20 million monthly visits, Secret Benefits is among the most popular niche platforms, even if it doesn’t come with a sugar daddy app. American, British, and Canadian women dominate the website that provides basic search and messaging features along with secret album exchange. The free membership will help a sugar baby or daddy get familiar with the layout, but only credits will unlock communication for SDs. The rates start at $59 for 100 credits.

2. SugarDaddy.com

sugardaddycom site

It’s not the biggest of the best sugar daddy sites, but SugarDaddy.com attracts over half a million wealthy men and attractive ladies each month. Most sugar baby profiles are pretty detailed and verified, reducing the risk of scams. Although the signup is free and fast for all, SDs can read and send messages and browse secret albums only if they have credits on their balance. Prices start as low as $59 for 100 credits.

3. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison boasts a reputation for promoting extra-marital affairs. The website helps millions of beautiful women find the right sugar daddy and vice versa. The easy signup, streamlined search, and messaging promote a fast transition to real dates and intimacy. And private albums are usually enough to entice and convince sugar daddies to set up a date. Like most sugar sites, Ashley Madison is free for ladies, while men have to purchase credits to unlock messaging. Prices range from $0.28 to $0.59 per credit.

4. WhatsYourPrice

whatsyourprice site

With around a million monthly visits and over 60% female users, What’s Your Price stands out among other sugar dating platforms thanks to the Offers feature. Once they find a potential sugar baby, SDs can place bids to attract her attention. It’s a fast way to arrange dates and find possible matches, and much more exciting than skimming search results. Besides, the daddies get their money back if their bids are declined. Premium membership rates range from $50 for 100 credits to $250 for 1,000 credits.

5. EmilyDates

emilydates site

Emily Dates is not merely a sugar daddy site; it’s an international dating platform that caters to men and women seeking different arrangements, from casual flirting to long-term relationships. The signup is free, and so are many basic features, but messaging, private photos, contacts exchange, and virtual gifts require credits. The rates start at 20 credits for 3 days of premium access ($15 for 25 credits).

Sugar daddies come in different forms

Before we describe the sugar daddy specifics, let’s ensure we’re on the same page regarding definitions. After all, hundreds of thousands of sugar daddies are not all the same, nor do they all want the same thing.

sugar daddy doing sugar baby make up

Online and platonic sugar daddy

Not every sugar dating relationship is sexual.

It’s a common misconception that sugar daddy is always about sex and nothing else, making his actions no different from the solicitation. The truth is, more nuanced and complex. As our lives get busier and online communication replaces face-to-face interactions, overworked men sometimes require nothing more than a friendly chat over coffee with occasional innocuous touches and a kiss or two.

At the same time, platonic sugar daddies may seek a no-strings-attached online relationship, many sugar babies are happy to provide. And although online and platonic arrangements usually come with a smaller allowance, they don’t require sexual intimacy and may be preferable for a sugar baby new to the lifestyle. Still, platonic sugar relationships are much less common than those with a sexual aspect.

Gay sugar daddy

Every sugar daddy dating website advertises successful connections between affluent men and beautiful women, but some are LGBTQ+ friendly. These platforms do not limit the user’s gender options to male or female, and connect male sugar daddies with male babies and sugar mommas with female babies. Trans-friendly options are rare among sugar daddies, though some apps provide the option in profile settings.

Aside from same-sex preferences, gay sugar relationships are no different from similar arrangements between straight couples. Daddies provide experiences, gifts, and financial support in exchange for the babies’ affection, attention, or intercourse.

What is a salt daddy?

Salt daddies are fake sugar daddies. They want to spend time with gorgeous young women and become intimate without spending money. While that’s perfectly acceptable behavior across most online dating platforms, sugar babies consider it deceitful. After all, a salt daddy may initially agree to a monthly allowance or a PPM arrangement only to pull out after the first night spent together.

Sometimes you can recognize a salt daddy profile if you notice his profile claims he doesn’t want a “transactional relationship.” That’s a red flag for most sugar babies looking for financial security.

How old is a sugar daddy?

There’s no way to create a portrait of an average sugar daddy, as every man has unique features and needs. Still, statistics can help us better understand who frequents sugar dating sites. So, a “typical” sugar daddy:

  • Is in his early 40s
  • Makes around $250,000 a year
  • Is self-employed or holds a management position
  • Lives in a big city, like Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York
sugar daddy on vacation

At the same time, more young men join the sugar dating world every year. For instance, Seeking reports 100K+ more SDs in their twenties registered on the platform than daddies in their 40s. And 30-something men are the biggest age group, accounting for nearly two million users.

Many younger men become SDs to get what they want without falling prey to traditional dating drawbacks, not because they cannot get women to date them otherwise. Some are looking for friends-with-benefits arrangements that allow daddies to get the best of two worlds: companionship and sex.

How to be a sugar daddy?

You won’t find a rulebook on sugar relationships, but there are implicit requirements new SDs and SBs should be aware of to boost the chances of a successful arrangement. To be a sugar daddy, a man will require the following:

  • A premium account with one or more of the best sugar dating sites. Free registration and basic features will help to get acquainted with the service, but only a premium membership will unlock communication opportunities.
  • Separate email and phone number. Mixing personal or professional life with a sugar lifestyle is a recipe for disaster, so most men prefer to have dedicated communication means to contact sugar babies.
  • An online and offline sugar daddy persona. Just like a sugar baby adopts a virtual persona for meeting with daddies, so should SDs only present those parts of their personalities online they don’t wish to keep private.
  • Patience and confidence. It can take a few weeks to find a suitable partner and arrange a meet-and-greet, so patience is necessary.
  • Common sense. New users attract scammers who bombard them with messages soon after registration, draining credit balance with secret album access offers. SBs and SDs should remember basic online safety rules, learn to recognize fake profiles, and keep sensitive information private.
sugar baby with sugar daddy on a date

Of course, there’s more to being a sugar daddy than these basic requirements, but they are an excellent platform to start your sugar adventure.

What do sugar daddies look for?

There are no universal formulas or wrong answers regarding what a sugar daddy expects from his baby. Everyone joins the sugar dating world seeking to fulfill specific needs, and the most common SD wishes include:

  • Simplicity—without dating expectations and with clear arrangement conditions, keeping a sugar baby or several is usually easier for a man than finding a girlfriend.
  • Company—having beautiful women in their arms at business meetings, travels, or dinners help boost SDs’ confidence and provides needed contact, especially in a post-pandemic world.
  • Positivity—sugar daddies prefer SBs to girlfriends to avoid jealousy, sniping, and arguments inherent in any romantic relationship.
  • Intimacy—although perceived differently by different people, closeness may include anything from hand-holding to sex.

To ensure both partners in a sugar relationship get what they want, terms negotiations should take place before the first meeting, be honest and transparent. Otherwise, one or both partners can be left unsatisfied and disappointed, resulting in a dissolution of the sugar arrangement.

How much do sugar daddies pay?

In our detailed guide on how much to pay a sugar baby, we discuss two standard arrangements: pay per meet (PPM) and monthly allowance. PPM is perfect for casual relationships that include a date every other week when a sugar daddy needs companionship or affection. Allowance works better for short- and long-term arrangements for sugar daddies seeking meetings at least once a week.

Sugar arrangements with PPM may be platonic or sexual, which usually affects the cost:

Type of arrangementPeriodCost
Platonic PPM dates4 to 6 hours$300–$500
Sexual PPM encounters4 to 6 hours$400–$700
Overnight stays12+ hours$800–$1,000

Arrangements with monthly allowance usually include platonic and sexual elements, and some sugar daddies may request exclusivity. Depending on the terms and location, the average monthly allowance may differ:

Type of arrangementMonthly allowance
Platonic sugar relationship$1,000–$3,000
Sexual arrangement$2,500–$4,000
Exclusive sugar dating$4,000–$8,000+

When arranging payments, please be careful with your sensitive personal and financial information. Even the best sugar daddy site cannot remove every fake or scam account. Cash may be the safest option until you’re sure your sugar partner is genuinely interested.

Are sugar daddies legal?

Yes, sugar daddies and babies are legal.

Unlike prostitution and solicitation, sugar relationships are not regulated or prohibited in the US. The subtle difference lies in the definition and terms of a relationship. Most state statutes have different definitions of prostitution and solicitation that cover willful sexual acts (intercourse) in exchange for money. Some argue that many relationships, including marriages, where one partner is more successful than another, could be considered a form of solicitation if the broadest definition is applied.

On the other hand, sugar relationships are not always sexual, and even if they are, other dating activities are involved. Even pay-per-meeting arrangements are not illegal, as they usually include some form of non-sexual interaction. And some rich men prefer to use a dating site to become “experience daddies,” providing gifts, clothes, and travel opportunities rather than money.

Although sugar dating doesn’t fall under state prostitution laws, sugar daddies and babies should set clear terms to set their relationship apart from punishable offenses. According to US legislation, prostitution and solicitation are misdemeanors, and convicted first-time offenders are punished by fines (between $1,000 and $4,000) or up to a year in jail. More exotic punishments may include driver’s license suspension, sex addiction treatment, or counseling. Repeated offenses result in steeper fines and longer jail sentences.

How does a sugar daddy relationship work?

Every relationship is one of a kind because it involves two unique individuals. Still, there are typical stages most arrangements go through:

  1. Negotiate the terms. Sugar dating platforms provide ample opportunity to flirt, set the rules and conditions of the first meeting, and exchange contacts to take the relationship offline.
  2. Arrange a meet-and-greet. The first date helps SB decide if she’s found the right sugar daddy and vice versa and learn if there’s enough attraction and chemistry to start a sugar relationship. The meet-and-greet is usually a pay-per-meeting cash arrangement.
  3. Set up a routine. Once an SD finds a good sugar baby, they can iron out the long-term arrangement. They can negotiate the number of dates per month, payment conditions, allowance, gifts, sexual aspects, and more. The following meetings will be much more enjoyable and less awkward once the partners are on the same page.
  4. Know when to move on. Sugar relationships can last one date or a few years. Still, they ultimately end with a sugar baby or a sugar daddy moving on to other partners or a traditional relationship. Both parties should remember their arrangement can dissolve at any moment.

The part between establishing a routine and dissolving the relationship is where things get exciting and intimate.

Do sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies?

Most sugar babies and daddies do not consider their relationships sex services rendered or solicited. However, successful men often expect younger women to be intimate with them. Luckily, most sugar dating sites offer a variety of options users can specify to help find partners with compatible relationship expectations.

It helps to negotiate goals and needs before the meet-and-greet to avoid unnecessary awkwardness and wasted time. You can specify what you expect from an SB or SD, detail preferred payment arrangements (cash, Venmo, etc.), and settle on a sum that satisfies both parties.

Still, as we’ve established, platonic sugar relationships exist. Some men may require company for a few hours to avoid feeling lonely. An afternoon of board games and tea is a real possibility. Unfortunately, finding a sugar daddy interested in a purely platonic relationship can be challenging, so sugar babies may need to settle for a long wait.

Final thoughts

A modern sugar daddy is a successful 40-something man ready to pay to get what he wants without wasting time on the typical online or offline dating woes. And sugar dating websites are the safest and most convenient way of connecting sugar babies and daddies for one-night stands and long-term sugar arrangements.

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