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Our Secret Review: In-Depth Analysis Of A New Sugar Dating Site

Our Secret Review: In-Depth Analysis Of A New Sugar Dating Site

Our Secret is a new niche sugar platform that was created exclusively for like-minded people seeking mutually beneficial relationships. Our team decided to test it, so we’ve been using it as Standard members and then upgraded our plan to Premium to find out if it’s worth paying for. So let’s take a look at the results of our research in this review.

oursecret site

Our Secret website overview

📈 Visits per month:330K
✅ Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:92%
🌍 Most used in:US, UK, and Canada

Popular Our Secret profiles

Things we liked about the site

  1. Polished design and great interface
  2. Video verification & great moderation
  3. Public & Secret Albums
  4. Fixed price for unlocking a conversation
  5. Pretty detailed profiles

Things we didn’t like about the site

  1. No free unlimited messaging
  2. No mobile app
  3. Not all profiles are verified

Who is Our Secret for

  • Sugar daddies looking for attractive sugar babies
  • Sugar babies looking for successful and generous benefactors
  • Singles who are curious about sugar dating and consider the idea of finding a sugar partner


  • $59—100 credits
  • $169—500 credits
  • $289—1,000 credits

Creating an account on Our Secret

Our Secret is a niche website, which means that it will hardly work for anyone except for sugar babies and sugar daddies. We decided to create a sugar daddy account, and fortunately, it didn’t take much time. We only needed to press the Sign Up button and provide some basic details, namely:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Location
  • Age
  • Body type
  • Ethnicity
oursecret registration process

Then a new user can upload a photo, create a tagline, and add a brief self-description. It may seem like if creating an account is so easy, there must be many low-effort profiles on the site, but it’s not exactly true. The thing is, such pages just don’t work—a member with an empty profile just won’t find anyone on the platform. When we went to Settings we found out that the process doesn’t stop there as we ended up having a profile that was only 28% complete. In fact, there are so many details that could be added, from height and body shape to net worth and interests. However, the best thing is that even non-paying users can add public and secret photos and videos and pass video verification (a member only needs to say one simple phrase, but this video can be watched by anyone).

Generally speaking, the registration on Our Secret itself takes only a few minutes, but there is more work to do after you sign up. The system seems fair as you can test the service first before you spend more time providing a lot of details and can still end up having a great profile page if you decide to stay on the website.

Tips on how to create a good profile

A good profile is 50% of success on any dating site, so here are some tips for creating a successful profile:

  1. Provide a valid email address—you’ll need to confirm it later
  2. Verification is optional, but the truth is that verified users get twice as many messages as people who have many photos and videos but don’t have that verification badge
  3. If you don’t want anyone to recognize you, you can add just one profile picture, for example, without your face, and add 6 secret photos—that’s how you can protect yourself and still receive a lot of messages from other users
oursecret setting up profile


The OurSecret website can be cheap or expensive, and it’s normal. It’s all about the value of money. We decided to use the site as Standard members first and then buy some credits to find out if the price-setting policy of the company is fair. Below, we share our impressions about every stage of using the site.

oursecret prices

Free features

As non-paying users, we could do the following:

  • Create an account
  • Use search as well as apply both basic and advanced search filters
  • Browse profiles, view public photos, and watch verification videos
  • Favorite users and like profiles
  • Use standard support services
  • See profile visitors, admirers, and viewers

So, there are many free features on Our Secret, and we could learn a lot about the community before making a payment. We even could understand how popular our profile can be on the site and see the profiles of people who viewed and liked us—that’s important if you’d like to make a conscious decision to pay or not to pay for credits. Nonetheless, obviously, Standard members can do pretty much everything except actually contacting others, so if you want to use the site, you need to buy credits.

oursecret members

Paid features & costs of credits

The costs of credits on Our Secret are as follows:

  • $59—100 credits
  • $169—500 credits
  • $289—1,000 credits

Members who make a purchase become Premium users and can access the following features:

  • Messaging—10 credits for unlocking a conversation with a member (all the messages except the first one are free)
  • Unlock Secret photos and albums—10 credits for unlocking materials shared by a particular user
  • Profile boost and priority support—no need to spend credits, this feature becomes automatically available after you make a payment

We purchased 500 credits and communicated with other members a lot during the month we used the site, and we didn’t run out of them. Compared to other sugar platforms, it’s a rather mid-range site, and we liked the fact that you don’t have to pay for each message sent. So if you choose matches carefully, you can find a sugar partner for more than just a reasonable price. Also, there’s no expiration date for credits, meaning if you unlock a conversation with someone and this person turns out to be your perfect sugar baby or sugar daddy, you can just stop paying and save your credits. Unlocking private photos and videos isn’t so expensive, too, and we also must admit that many people have enough public photos so it’s rather optional. All in all, the pricing policy is more than just reasonable, and if a user spends credits wisely, Our Secret will be an affordable sugar site for them.

Searching for matches on Our Secret

When you join a new online dating site, no matter if it’s a sugar dating platform or a website for “traditional” dating, it’s not always easy to understand how the system works. Our Secret is a user-friendly platform, but we still needed some time to learn everything about it, and we share some most important findings below.


There’s the Search button on the Main Menu, and once a member presses it, they see random profiles that can be sorted by Newest and Recently Active. Note that every member sees matches from their area, so they have to change the location manually if they want to meet someone somewhere else. There are many search filters, all free to use, namely:

  • Distance
  • Photos and videos
  • Age
  • Body type
  • Hair color
  • Gender
  • Habits (smoking, drinking)
  • Piercing and tattoos
oursecret search filters

Users can’t save their searches, so you’ll need to choose filters every time you’re looking for someone new. Generally speaking, it’s a standard and pretty good search filter. The site doesn’t offer anything extraordinary, but considering that this is a sugar site (you don’t have to look for a person looking for the same things as you are using a relationship goal filter) and the fact that all the standard filters can be used without paying, it’s still a good tool to use.


There are many different profiles on the site. Some are more detailed, others aren’t—the great thing is you can see which are verified, and a verified user is likely to have more information and photos on their personal page. Here are the main sections that you’ll see after browsing any profile on the site:

  • Profile headline
  • Location
  • Secret Album
  • Videos (including verification video)
  • Photos
  • About (self-description) section
  • Wants (description of a perfect match or expectations about a relationship)
  • Attributes (from height to education)
oursecret female bio profile

Generally speaking, every member has enough opportunities to make their profile work on the site, and most users who are really motivated to meet someone on the site make enough effort to provide as many details as possible. Self-descriptions and the Wants section are what make profiles stand out, and you have to write a profile headline when signing up—for us, that was enough to understand what kind of person you are going to contact, and to be honest, we skipped all low-effort profiles. Fortunately, there are not that many of them on the platform.


There are a few ways to contact others on OurSecret. These are the winks and likes that you can send (members can also add each other to favorites) to notify others you’re interested in having a conversation. This is completely free, so we used such tools a lot, but obviously, they don’t work as well as the private messages that cost some credits.

oursecret chat

There’s a big blue button under the profile picture on every page for starting a conversation, so contacting someone is super easy. Members can also save profiles to favorites if they want to reach someone later. There’s also the Messages section on the Main Menu, so you can see your inbox messages, sent messages, and your archive. The tool works well overall, everything is intuitive, so we experienced no difficulty in chatting with others on the site.

Special features

Our Secret has pretty much all the features that a good sugar website is supposed to have, but there are a few things that make it stand out and worth using overall, so here they are:

  • Secret photos. There’s no anonymous mode or any similar features, but it doesn’t mean that members’ privacy isn’t protected. Those who don’t want someone to recognize them can just create a Secret album. Unlocking them doesn’t cost a fortune, but a person still needs to be a registered premium member to see them.
  • Top Admirer. That’s a pretty interesting feature that works even better than super likes or virtual gifts. You can spend some credits (from 10 to 1000) to let another member know that you’re very interested in chatting with them and maybe going on a date. That’s how your future match knows you are 100% serious, and it’s also a great tool for a sugar daddy to show a sugar baby he’s ready to spend some money just on getting her attention.
  • Verification videos. As we’ve noted previously, verification is available to every member on the website. It’s a great feature because you not only see who’s a real person motivated to find a partner but also because watching such a video won’t cost you extra credits, and you’ll be able to see a person’s mimics and hear the voice. That’s really important for everyone who’s serious about finding a sugar baby or a sugar daddy on the site.
oursecret favorites

Our experience on Our Secret

As we’ve mentioned previously, we bought 500 credits and spent most of them on conversations. We contacted over 20 members on the website and unlocked a lot of secret albums, and we still have 70 credits on our balance. Some conversations didn’t last, but we kept talking with around 10 different members regularly. However, there were 3 sugar babies (as we’ve registered as a sugar daddy) we remembered best.

SB #1

SB #1 was from Chicago. She was one of the ladies who contacted us first and was pretty active. We chatted about regular things—hobbies, interests, the city and then moved on to discussing the conditions of the potential sugar arrangement. The thing is she was looking for virtual, online-only dating. We said that’s not what we were looking for but also asked her about her previous experience and her demands for such type of dating. She said she’s dating one guy right now, and they get intimate online. We chatted a bit more but then stopped because obviously, she saw no point in keeping communicating with us for free.

SB #2

SB #2 looked like an Instagram model and was a pretty nice girl to talk to. She was 25 years old and worked part-time. She definitely was not just a woman who spends all her time at bars and restaurants. This SB, unlike many other sugar babies, was expecting us to pay per meet, and the rate was $600—not that much for such an attractive lady from a big city.

SB #3

SB #3 was a young college girl with a huge student loan. We chatted a lot about life, difficulties young people face, and deep things. She was obviously a newbie who didn’t know how to start talking about money. We asked her about an allowance she’d like to get, and it was $2,500 a month, less than most sugar babies from Chicago usually ask for. So we told her that she deserves better and that if we hadn’t been moving to another country (yes, this was the legend), we would have paid her much more and would definitely choose her among other ladies.

Experts’ opinions

“Each sugar site has its niche. For example, on sites like Ashley Madison, members can remain completely anonymous but may experience some difficulties with finding a person with a more or less detailed profile. Our Secret is another type of sugar dating website. On this platform, you just can’t join without adding your real photos, and you’ll hardly become a popular user without that verification badge. So, I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for extra safety and effectiveness but wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for the highest level of privacy.”

“Our Secret is a new site, but it’s rapidly developing and growing mostly due to a good moderation system and strict verification policy. Prices are reasonable, and the profiles are real—this platform has pretty much everything that a good sugar website is supposed to have.”

Tips on how to use Our Secret

Just like any other dating website, Our Secret can be more or less effective depending on how you use it. Here are a few things that we’ve learned from our experience on the site.

  1. Verify your own account—that’s how you can receive twice as much attention on the website.
  2. Contact verified members if you don’t want to spend your time and credits on someone who’s not that motivated to find a perfect match.
  3. Pay attention to the credits you spend on watching private profile videos and photos—in the end, you can spend on that more than on conversations.
  4. Remember the safety rules. Though the site is well moderated, you still should keep in mind that there’s always a chance to meet a scammer. If someone asks you to send money or offers to send you money for nothing, contact support, and report scams.
  5. Check the list of people who favor you regularly—these users are most likely to reply to your messages and be motivated to get closer.

The verdict

Our Secret is a new yet rapidly growing dating website designed exclusively for sugar babies and sugar daddies. It’s also one of the most effective platforms—here, a user can not only chat with others but also see who’s really motivated to find a partner and choose verified matches only to reduce the chance of getting scammed, and save their time and money. If that’s what you’re looking for, this might be a great sugar dating website for you.

Sam Golden
Our writers and editors can’t work without relevant information and the latest data that show what trends in the sugar community are at the moment. An experienced theoretical psychologist, Sam Golden, is the one who finds information that is impossible to find and allows us to share only relevant content with you.
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